How to handle a short notice move|Time|Making a plan|Angry woman
How to handle a short notice move|Time|Making a plan|Angry woman
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September 26, 2018

How to handle a short notice move?

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A short notice move is a very difficult thing to handle. You need to be well organized and efficient in order to make everything work. And you need filter through moving companies NYC in order to find the right one. But, luckily, you are not the first nor the last person that needed to move in a short amount of time. Here are some guidelines to follow in order to properly relocate.


Time is the biggest problem during a short notice move.

Prepare for a short notice move

Once you find out that you have to move in a short amount of time, your immediate reaction will be to start packing right away. But, hold on. Rushing will get you nowhere. Precisely because your time is limited, you need to first figure out how to make the most of it.

Get in the right state of mind

Having a right state of mind is the most important aspect of handling a short notice move. What you need to do is to plan the small amount of time you have and stick to the plan as much as you can. Make sure to have a strict timeline and stick to it. If you try to relocate yourself without a plan, you risk making a lot of mistakes and wasting time that you do not have. Time management is what you need to focus on. Work smart, not hard.

Get packing supplies

In order to prepare for your move, you need to get packing supplies. Unfortunately, you are very unlikely to find them for free since you so little time to move. Go to a packing supplies store and purchase what you need. Get a rough idea on how much packing supplies you need, and get a bit more. It is always better to have some leftover supplies than to have to spend time getting more. Some stores will even refund you for unused packing supplies, just make sure to talk to them to know what are the conditions.

Pack properly

Once you have your packing supplies ready, it is time to pack. Sort your possessions. Pack only what is necessary. If you think that you won't need something, don't pack it. Moving can be expensive, especially short notice moving, and the less stuff you have the less money it will cost you to move. Plus, you will reduce the time necessary for packing. When you finish sorting your possessions it is time to pack. Make sure that every box is clearly labeled so that the people helping you will know what is inside. Most moving accidents happened because of improper labeling, and you want to avoid that, especially on a short notice move.

Dealing with movers

When you are moving on a short notice you need to get yourself a hiring reliable local movers NYC. You might think that it would be cheaper and faster to move on your own, but you would be wrong. There are a lot of things that have to be done properly in a short amount of time, and the chance that you will do them on your own is slim at best. You will be much better off with hiring professional movers.

How to find decent movers

Go local. You do not have time to deal with online movers right now. Maybe they'll offer you a good price, and maybe their service will be reliable and maybe they won't screw you over. But that is a whole lot of maybes and not a lot of time. Go to your local mover and talk with them. But, before you go, make sure to get some rough estimates. You need to know what the fair price is in order to negotiate better. If they say that your price will be higher because of the timing of the move, make sure that you get the full explanation why is it so. You don't want to be too picky, but you don't want to jump on the first moving company you find. Get three and pick the best. Just don't forget to tip.

Make a solid plan

Once you have your movers picked it is time to make a plan. Make a plan that is effective, precise and leaves a bit of room for mistakes. It doesn't have to leave a lot of room (and it probably can't), but a little error room will do you good. Talk with them if there are different options and what they think is the best one and why.

Making a plan

Having a proper plan is always necessary.

Follow through

This is the most important part. Once you have your plan figured out, it is vital that you follow through. Reliable movers will do whatever was agreed on time. You need to make sure that you do that as well. Follow the timeline you have made in your plan and your move will go as it should.

Final tips

A short notice move is difficult, but by no means is it impossible. Staying calm and in control will make everything go properly and you shouldn't have any problems. People usually mindlessly rush, but if you have any experience in dealing with high-stress situations, you know that panicking is the worst possible thing you can do.

Dealing with friends

It might be a good idea to have a friend come and help you since you have limited time to move. But be careful. You need to pick the right friend. A friend that has no experience with moving will not be productive. You will have to explain everything to him and help him to make mistakes. You'll be much better off not having help than having useless help.

Angry woman

An incompetent friend will just leave you frustrated.

Dealing with bad weather

Since you have to move in a specific amount of time, you might have bad luck and have to move in bad weather. But don't worry. Your movers will provide you with anything you need, just make sure to talk to them about it. If needed you can easily get some plastic wrap and make your possessions more resilient to bad weather.


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