cheap alternative to New York City|cost of living|hoboken|A girl at the beach
cheap alternative to New York City|cost of living|hoboken|A girl at the beach
Moving out of NYC
September 19, 2018

How to Find A Cheap Alternative To New York City?

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Everyone who ever visited New York City said there’s no city like it. Although there are many places in the world that look like New York, there’s no doubt that NYC is the cultural center of the world. NY lifestyle, all the museums, universities, libraries, and nightlife are like nowhere else in the world. However, when it comes to living in this city, it’s not an affordable option for many people. New York City is known for its high living standard. Of course, the cost of living varies depending on the neighborhood you prefer. But, there are many other cities that stand as a cheap alternative to New York City and can be a great place for your new home. If you give yourself some time to explore all the options, you’ll find amazing and affordable cities worth exploring.

How to find a cheap alternative to New York City?

When searching for a city that is similar to New York, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you should decide what are the things you are looking for. Is that a vivid nightlife, lots of cultural facilities or a city full of green parks? If you are moving with children, the city you choose should have a good education system. After you make write down all the pros and cons of the city you like, make sure to start looking for a housing.

cost of living

Consider the cost of living in the new city you want to live in.Searching for a new home before the move is not an easy job. You need to think about the housing prices, a good neighborhood and the commute time. After you consider all these factors, the decision should be yours. In the end, consider how long you plan to stay in the new city. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to New York City, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the cost of living in the new city?
  • Will you be able to maintain your usual lifestyle in this place?
  • Can you afford to live in that specific city?
  • For how long will you stay in your new home – a few years or longer?

The city you choose will be your new home for some time. Consider making a good after-the-move plan and organize your free time. After you movers unpack the moving boxes, you will have plenty of things to settle. Make sure to stay organized and make a good moving plan. In the end, all you’ll have to do is to explore the new city you moved to.

What alternative places should you explore?

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to New York City, there are many US cities worth exploring. Take a look at these places that are close to NYC and could be a cheap alternative to New York City.

Garden City, New York

Garden City is located on the Long Island and it is quite close to the New York City. It is way more cheap than NYC and it’s great for families. If you are considering to buy a house near New York, Garden City is the place you might be able to afford. Keep in mind that smaller cities in the New York state are still more expensive to live in than in some other, rural states. For a smaller family home in Garden City, you should pay around $700,000.


A city close to the New York City, like Hoboken, can be a good alternative place for your new home.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Although Hoboken is technically in New Jersey, it’s very close to the Hudson River. Moreover, it has a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline and it’s very well connected to it. People say that Hoboken is almost the sixth borough in New York. The commute to NYC is very convenient - you can catch the PATH Train and be in Manhattan in no time! Another reason why Hoboken is a good cheap alternative to New York City is its affordability. Although Hoboken is not cheap, it’s much cheaper than living in NYC. The average rent outside of city center in here is around $1,875.00 per month.

Long Island

Long Island is a big island located right next to New York City. Although Long Island might be the cheap alternative to New York City you are looking for, the commute might be a problem. If you live in one of the western towns, you might need more time to get to NYC. However, Long Island is considered around 30-50% cheaper than NYC, making it a good alternative solution for your new home.

How to prepare for moving to another city?

If you decided to move to a city that is near New York City, or you are looking for a similar city, you should prepare for your relocation. First things first, you should think of the budget you have for moving. Moreover, establish a budget that will be enough for your family for the first few months after the move. A good financial plan will help you avoid troubles during the moving process. If you are moving last minute and have already found a perfect cheap alternative to New York City, a good moving company can help you deal with all the moving boxes. Whether you are moving to NYC or another city close by, your movers can help you find moving boxes in NYC.

A girl at the beach

Searching for an alternative city to NYC is not easy. Consider all the factors before you decide to move.In the end, the city you choose to live in should have all the things your family needs. Make sure to find a good housing and decide whether to rent or to buy. Good luck with your move and choosing the best New York look alike!


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