Get the best costume and celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in|||halloween-fear-chilling-terror|woman-in-Halloween-costume|Halloween parade
Get the best costume and celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in|||halloween-fear-chilling-terror|woman-in-Halloween-costume|Halloween parade
Relocating to NYC
October 24, 2020

How to celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in

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One of the best places in the entire world to experience Halloween in its full glory is definitely NYC. If you are looking into a move to this glorious city at this time of the year, know that you have a lot to look forward to. Choose a reliable moving company, like Capital City Movers NYC, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. But where do you start? What are the best places to celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in? Those questions will be answered promptly, right here in this article!

Celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in - Top places to visit!

Here are some of our top picks for this year:

  • Visit the best NYC Halloween costume shops!
  • Don't miss the Village Halloween Parade
  • Celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in - Haunted House!
  • Get a drink at a Haunted Bar

Get a perfect costume before Halloween!

Visit the best NYC Halloween costume shops!

The first thing that you may want is to get into the spirit of things. Halloween is a time of preposterous costumes, after all. Unless you create your own, visiting the shops that sell them is a great idea. Each and every one of these shops is a veritable treasure trove of outlandish costumes. Even if you are just looking for ideas, or some components for your own costumes, these stores are the perfect place for everything Halloween. You can also ask your movers Long Island about them, they surely have their own experiences and can tell you more about them. But the most famous ones are "The Abracadabra Superstore", "Early Halloween", "Gothic Renaissance", to name a few.Halloween is all about costumes, after all, and these shops are the entryway to that world. You are sure to find something that you absolutely love in the selections that you can find at costume stores. You can talk to the staff and see what theme seems to be popular this year so you can "go with the flow" or be something else entirely. There is a world of costumes waiting for you to explore!

Don't miss the Village Halloween Parade

Parades are really great. And the most famous NYC Halloween parade surely does not disappoint. This event is almost in its 50th year now and it features a staggering 50,000 participants, all in costumes. Of course, feel free to join in by simply showing up on Canal Street on Halloween. You will not have trouble fitting in, just follow the mass of costumed people that are marching north. So get your costumes out of Queens storage and get ready for the march! This year, there will be a special treat for all participants, so make sure to pay close attention to recent announcements. What you can expect is something that is spontaneous and really fun.

Halloween parade

Participate in Village Halloween Parade!Do note that due to the virus outbreak, you need to take extra precautions when participating in these events. Think of other people and wear a mask if you can, it may help prevent future cases. If you can't, at least make sure that you respect the social distancing and be at least 10 feet away from other participants. Having fun safely is the way to go these days.

Celebrate Halloween in NYC after you move in - Haunted House!

Nothing says "Halloween" like a good ol' fashioned Haunted house. There are many places worth your attention but Blood Manor stands out. Spanning over 10,000 square feet, you can expect a variety of themed rooms, mazes, and corridors. Of course, there is the "I Can't See" experience, which is really unforgettable. Think immersive, theatrical, and horror and you will have the right idea.Another great house is the Morris-Jumel Mansion, which is rumored to be haunted. Here, you can chase the real thing instead of looking at the make-believe ghouls, ghosts, and similar. But if you prefer to be visited by ghosts of a long time past, visit the "House of Death" on West 10th, where you can meet as many as 22 of them.


Fun for the whole family - Haunted house!Haunted houses in NYC are always trying to up one another so you can be sure that every single one of them offers a unique experience. If you want to be at your best when visiting these houses, you may want to have someone make your moving experience a bit easier. And who better than long distance movers NYC? With their help, you are going to have a lot more energy and be able to enjoy these experiences to their fullest. If you are tired, you may miss out on a bit of fun, after all.

Get a drink at a Haunted Bar

Perhaps you are more into simply enjoying your drinks while having a chance of ghostly encounters. The NYC haunted bars offer an experience that is exactly that. You can sip your drink at the Ear Inn and have a chance of encountering an old sailor ghost named Mickey. Or have a chance to touch shoulders with the ghost of Dylan Thomas if you choose to have a drink in the White Horse Tavern. Or what about visiting the Campbell Apartment which has a strong history of hauntings. It was a jail and police utility closet once, after all.All of these bars and places are located within buildings that date all the way back to the 1800s, so you are sure to have an authentic experience. They are a great way to enjoy Halloween in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. If you are not one for the extreme excitement of haunted houses or do not want to celebrate with throngs of people, these places offer a viable alternative. You will still be able to celebrate Halloween but on your own terms.


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