Efficiency|A sloth|An old chair with a "garage sale" sign on it - how to be efficient when packing for a move|Different-colored labels for efficient packing for a move
Efficiency|A sloth|An old chair with a "garage sale" sign on it - how to be efficient when packing for a move|Different-colored labels for efficient packing for a move
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October 13, 2019

How to be efficient when packing for a move

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Moving can be quite stressful. There are a million things to do. And then some more. But the worst about moving is probably packing and unpacking. Some people don’t know where to start. Some get lost in all the little tasks. And some get easily distracted. So if you think you’re one of them don’t worry. Because you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading and you’ll find out some useful tips on how to be efficient when packing for a move.

Be efficient when packing for a move - don’t procrastinate!

Your unwillingness to start packing is perfectly understandable. You’ll have to make many decisions. And you’ll have to invest a lot of your time and energy. However, the longer you drag out packing the harder it’ll get. Packing is stressful enough by itself. But when you add a time crunch to the equation it can get overwhelming. So do yourself a favor and start packing on time!

A sloth

Don't be lazy, try finding something that'll motivate you to start packing on timeYou wonder when’s the right time to begin the tedious task that’s called packing? Well, the answer is as early as possible! Think of it as something you should do every day to speed up your moving process. And little by little you’ll get the job done without even noticing. You’ll save yourself time and much-needed energy for the move. So if you want to be efficient when packing for a move, don’t wait for the last day to pack everything up!

Say goodbye to your belongings

Don’t worry, I don’t mean to all of your belongings. Just the ones you don’t use. Moving is a time when, whether you want to or not, you have to assess what items you don’t need anymore. Which makes it the perfect time for decluttering! I bet that you have some things tucked away somewhere in your home. The things you rarely or never use but don’t have the heart to throw away. And they would probably have the same faith in your new home if you move them. So why not be efficient when moving and earn a few extra bucks at the same time? You’ll be more efficient during your move if you have fewer things to pack. Furthermore, you can take this chance to make some money out of them. So make a garage sale and expand your moving budget.

An old chair with a "garage sale" sign on it - how to be efficient when packing for a move

A garage sale can also be your chance to say goodbye to your neighbors

Getting the right packing supplies

Getting high-quality packing materials and supplies is one way to increase your efficiency when packing for a move. What if I told you that if you rent plastic moving boxes that you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of time? The reason is that you’ll only have to find a company where you can rent them and they’ll deliver them to you. Whereas, if you decided on using cardboard boxes you’d have to go buy them or drive around town to find suitable boxes for your move. Furthermore, there are many reasons why plastic moving boxes are a better option than cardboard boxes and durability is just one of them.As for the packing materials I have great news! You can use your old clothes as packing material. You won’t have to buy bubble wrap and packing beans. Clothes are actually very good to use for padding. They’ll keep your belongings safe from scratches. And they’ll soften a blow and save your belongings from breaking. And once you unpack, you can wash them and donate to charity.

Pack one room at a time to be efficient when packing for a move

If you want to have an efficient move you should pack one room at a time. That way your belongings won’t get mixed up. And you won’t get overwhelmed. It’ll be easier for you to keep up with the moving process. You’ll know exactly what you have left to pack. And making a kind of inventory list will be easier.In order to be really efficient when packing for a move, you should start by packing the rooms you use the least, such as the basement, attic and garage. In doing so you’ll be able to use other rooms longer. Plus, you’ll be over with the hardest part of the moving process, decluttering, sooner. And if you haven’t already, it’s high time you considered hiring Brooklyn Height movers. Because they can provide storage for the belongings you just can’t get rid of but don’t have enough space to keep in your new home.

Labels and lists

Packing efficiently when moving means making lists and labeling everything. If you do that you’ll make moving an easy job both for you and your movers. Plus, you’ll be able to find specific things quickly. So once you pack up a box, make a list of all the things that the said box contains. You can stick one copy of this list on the box and use the other copy as a part of a greater list.

Different-colored labels for efficient packing for a move

Try finding labels in as many different colors as you canNow’s the time for labeling. And here’s what you should do:

  • use color-coded labels. Use different colors to label different rooms. The reason why using colors is good is because sometimes movers are so exhausted that they don’t read what you wrote down on boxes. But colors will catch their attention and the boxes from different rooms won’t be mixed.
  • a label should contain a number and the name of the room where the box is supposed to go. The numbers are important for making that inventory list. Whereas, names of the rooms are there to make the job easier for the movers.
  • put labels on top, on one longer and one shorter side of the box. This will make them visible for movers no matter how they pick up the boxes. And for you no matter how the boxes are placed.
  • and finally, don’t forget to write fragile where needed. By doing so, the movers will know that they have to be extra careful with those boxes and your fragile belongings will be safer.

Be efficient and pack an overnight bag when packing for a move

If there’s a time gap between the date when you move out and move to your new home you’ll need an overnight bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying with your friends or in a hotel it’s better to have some things with you. For example, you’ll need towels, soap, a toothbrush, a change of clothes and so on. Those are some of the things you should pack last on moving day. Pack them in a bag and make sure that you put that bag aside. It should be somewhere where it can be easily reachable. But be careful that it doesn’t get mixed with other bags and boxes that the movers will be taking with them.Even if there’s no a time gap, having an overnight bag for every member of your family is something you should consider. You won’t have to search through all of the sealed boxes for things like toiletries, cell phone chargers, etc. Moreover, if you don’t feel like unpacking the moment you move in you won’t have to. You can just spend your time enjoying your new home. And that’s what you get for being efficient when packing for a move!


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