What are hidden NYC moving expenses and how can you avoid them?|Vintage and faulty vehicles only cause hidden NYC moving expenses.|Introduction course into hidden NYC moving expenses.|If you understand the most common hidden NYC moving expenses, it will be all the easier to plan for them.
What are hidden NYC moving expenses and how can you avoid them?|Vintage and faulty vehicles only cause hidden NYC moving expenses.|Introduction course into hidden NYC moving expenses.|If you understand the most common hidden NYC moving expenses, it will be all the easier to plan for them.
Moving out of NYC
December 11, 2017

Hidden NYC moving expenses

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Think hard on what is the worst thing imaginable for you when you pay for certain services? Not receiving them in time? Getting scammed and ending up with damaged property? How about being overcharged due to unexpected expenses? All of these reasons seem pretty solid and logical. So what if the service we are talking about is relocation from NYC? There are certain expectations that you will have from the expert NYC movers that you hire for the job. And among those expectations, you will find that something you want to avoid are any sort of hidden NYC moving expenses. The best way to go about doing this is for you to understand what counts under this category and learn how best to avoid it.

Introduction course into hidden NYC moving expenses.

Learn how to avoid hidden NYC moving expenses and handle anything that comes your way.

Avoid hidden NYC moving expenses by making a detailed plan

Planning is something you simply need to do before you relocate. After all, it's a demanding and complex operation, and as such, requires consideration. And the simple matter of things is that it will better prepare you and your budget for any unexpected or unwanted situations. So have a sit down, grab a pen and piece of paper and:

  1. Make an inventory of your belongings
  2. Comprise a list of moving services you will need (packing, loading transport, storage, insurance, unpacking...)
  3. Think of a checklist of unplanned realistic expenses that might occur.

Once you've done all this, run it by your moving crew. They have all the experience you want and are qualified to give helpful insights. After all, they have been avoiding hidden NYC moving expenses since they began operating, so if anyone will know what to expect, they will.

The purpose of an inventory in the fight against hidden NYC moving expenses

Things often get lost or misplaced, especially during a relocation. And if you have a large amount of things (which most people do), knowing exactly what you own can make a huge difference. For starters, it provides both you and your movers with a general idea of what and how much things there are to move. Next, it helps you keep track that everything has been packed and loaded. And finally, once the NYC relocation is done, you can unpack and do a count of to check if everything is there.As to how it directly links to hidden NYC moving expenses - the more information you have, the better. Hidden expenses imply you not knowing or expecting them - which can't happen if you have all the information.

Minimize the risk of hidden NYC moving expenses through clear expectations of moving services

The chance for you to experience unplanned expenses drops when you know what you are paying for. So as long as you clearly state which moving services you need, you should have little to worry about. This is also something that can be negotiated with movers and clearly established:

  • Packing & loading services - will they include lack of truck access or packing supplies.
  • Transportation costs - transportation surcharges or the possibility of furniture shuttling.
  • Unloading & unpacking services - long distance carriage fees due to lack of parking space.
  • Use of NYC storage facilities - short-term or long-term renting and management of your storage unit.
  • Coverage terms - what happens in case of damage or items gone missing.

Do your research on hidden NYC moving expenses

Even though most relocation costs are based on total weight and size of the moving distance, you should count on small-print fees as well. Those are usually the ones that get you when you least expect them. This is why you should always look for and discuss any hidden NYC moving expenses with the professional movers you hire.

Potential extra costs of NYC moving

Here are a few examples of items that’ll cost extra:

  • Transportation surcharges - where movers are compensated extra for work performed in major metropolitan areas where labor rates are higher.
  • Extra heavy or big item handling charges - riding lawnmowers, pool tables, pianos etc.
  • Handyman and specialist fees - disconnect gas mains or disassemble pianos and pool tables.
  • Long distance charges - if movers have to walk more than 75 feet from door to truck. Or if they need to use stairs/elevator.
  • If the moving van is too large to squeeze down your narrow street or is blocked by low-hanging wires or branches. In this case movers may need to shuttle your furnishings using a smaller truck. This is something that can easily boost your charges and fees.
If you understand the most common hidden NYC moving expenses, it will be all the easier to plan for them.
  • Expected the unexpected and you will never be surprised.

Of course, one way to avoid these situations would be to opt for a DIY move.

DIY relocation

Bear in mind that a DIY move comes with its own set of hidden money traps. Time spent renting, packing, and driving a truck is time you’ll never get back. And not to mention the actual physical labor and work.So here are some other considerations to remember if you decide to go for a self-moving option.

1. Get truck insurance

Why risk endangering your budget if you are renting a truck? If you happen to have an accident while driving, you will be exposed to even more expenses. This is why you should make sure to purchase insurance from the rental company. Chances are your automobile policy doesn’t cover commercial vehicles. Check with your insurance agent.

2.Upgrade the deal with an insurance rider

Property damaged during transit may not be covered under your homeowner’s policy. And you want to ensure that no extra harm comes to your home. So you may have to purchase an insurance rider that covers contents. This is something that you can easily heck with your insurance agent.

3. Inspect the rental truck

If you've had older cars in your past, you know that old or ill-maintained vehicles easily break down in transit. Same goes for trucks, the main difference being that they are much harder and more expensive to repair. And these potential repair costs are also one of the NYC hidden moving expenses you should focus on.

Vintage and faulty vehicles only cause hidden NYC moving expenses.

You should always avoid using old equipment to prevent hidden NYC moving expenses.Because breakdowns and repairs can easily delay your move, disrupt your moving schedule and finally - they would cost you money. So try to avoid any old run-down trucks that look badly maintained (if at all).

4. Make sure to have extra cash on hand

Include extra money in your budget for hotels, restaurants, gasoline, and tolls. Basically, you need to have extra cash on hand for any contingencies. You never know what might happen.

5. Practice damage control

If you damaged your home while moving out, the incoming family may ask to be reimbursed. On the other hand, if you damaged a rental home, you will have to deal with the landlord, who will most likely take your security deposit to cover the repairs costs.


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