bottles of liquor|Packing a home bar|Discarded bottles|
bottles of liquor|Packing a home bar|Discarded bottles|
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February 25, 2019

Guide to packing a home bar

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People always think that moving is easier then it actually is. They start planning their move and, if they have little experience, wildly underestimate how much time and effort it is going to take to relocate. Moving can be tremendously complicated and if you do not have enough experience, you simply will not remember everything that needs to be relocated. And one of the things that people often overlook is the home bar. This is a dangerous thing to overlook as home bars require considerable safety measures in order to avoid moving mishaps. That is why we have written this comprehensive guide to packing a home bar. Read it before you start preparing for your relocation. That way you will have a better idea about what you actually need to tackle.

Packing a home bar

Packing a home bar is not difficult, but you need to do it properly.

Getting packing supplies

No relocation is possible without packing supplies. Whether you are moving a piano or simply moving your everyday items. You need to have proper packing supplies in order to transport your possessions without any risk of damage. That goes double for moving home bars. Bottles of liquor are tremendously fragile. Which is why you need to learn what goes into packing a home bar so that you can get the necessary packing supplies.

Moving boxes

While you can get free moving boxes for your relocation, we strongly suggest against using them for packing a home bar. These boxes are often of dubious quality. Therefore, they cannot be trusted when it comes to moving something as heavy and fragile as a home bar. What you need to do is to suck it up and spend some money on your packing supplies. Either go to a DIY store or visit your local movers and see if you can find top quality moving boxes. You need to be sure that the boxes you use for packing a home bar will be sturdy enough to hold the liquor bottles. You can even look into plastic bin rental NYC, as plastic is always sturdier than cardboard. Just make sure that the containers you get are sturdy and resilient.

Padding and wrapping materials

You can also find free padding and wrapping materials laying around your home. But, again, we suggest that you save those for other items. Yes, you can use clothes as excellent wrapping and padding materials. But, the problem is that, if something happens you will not only lose a bottle of liquor, but you will likely lose your clothing item. If you have old clothes that you no longer plan to use, go nuts. But, if you would like your clothes to remain intact, do not use them for packing a home bar. It is much better than you buy the necessary packing equipment and use it for packing. Make sure to get plenty of it as glass bottles are quite fragile and require a lot of padding and wrapping. There is plenty of use even for leftover packing supplies.

Home bar, ready for packing

The more packing material you have the better you will be able to pack your home bar.

Other equipment

Lastly, you will need ducktape and markers for your boxes. You need to use ducktape to make your moving boxes as secure as possible. Do not skip doing so. You especially need to tape up the bottom of your moving box. That will help prevent moving disasters, such as your moving box ripping open and bottles getting broken. The more ducktape you use, the better. Only when you are completely sure that the box will not accidentally rip or open should you transport your liquor bottles. Also, as we mentioned, you will need markers. Make sure to use bright markers are so that it will be easy for movers to read what is in the boxes.

Packing a home bar like a pro

Once you've gathered enough packing supplies, it is time to actually start packing a home bar. You need to do this step by step. Whether you are planning on simply moving your home bar or placing your bottles in storageunits NYC, you need to make sure that they are properly packed. It is not optional. Only when you are sure that they are safely packed can you expect them to survive transport.


Start off by sorting your bottles. Try to arrange them into groups that will have similar weight. This will give you an idea of how much packing supplies you will need. What you do not want is to place a couple of really heavy bottles in one box and place a group of light bottles in another. You want to distribute the weight of your bar as evenly as possible in the boxes you have. Sure, your box may be able to handle the heavy bottles. But, there is no reason why you should risk it.


Check if the bottles are properly closed and whether they leak anything. If there is something faulty with them, you shouldn't try to relocate. Best thing to do is to either throw them away, along with any expired bottles or make a nice party and drink it up.

Discarded bottles

You can either throw away your old bottles, or you can consider recycling them.Do not try to pack your entire home bar in a single box. Find proper boxes and pack 3-4 bottles in them, tops. Make sure that there is padding between the bottles. Little vibrations that occur during transport can easily break a glass bottle. That is why you need to place something soft between them. Your best bet is to wrap each box individually and place cardboard sheets between them. That is usually more than enough to preserve your bottles during any relocation.


Finally, you need to tape up your boxes and label them. Labeling is tremendously important. It is the best way to give information to anyone handling the box of what is inside of it. This will help any mover handling your relocation avoid moving mishaps and accidents. Furthermore, it will help movers load the moving truck properly. Finally, it will increase the safety of your bottles, since the people handling them will do so with proper attention.


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