A woman moving to NYC with cats and dogs|A cat and a dog|A man talking on the phone
A woman moving to NYC with cats and dogs|A cat and a dog|A man talking on the phone
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March 20, 2021

Guide to moving in NYC with cats and dogs

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Whenever you are moving to NYC with cats and dogs, there are several things you can do. First and foremost, you should make sure that you find one of the finest movers NYC has to offer. Also, you should make sure that the moving company in question has pet relocation services. Otherwise, they will not be able to relocate you and your pets as well. So, find the movers who can relocate your pet companions, and start scheduling your move as soon as you can. However, what if you cannot find a good moving company on time? Then, there are some things that you might want to consider. Feel free to read our guide until the end if you are interested to learn more about this.

What about moving to NYC with cats and dogs should you know?

When it comes to relocating to New York City, you should know that even a simple relocation is not easy. You will have to make sure that you get all the correct moving and packing supplies, first and foremost. Then, you will have to make sure that you have packed your belongings. After that, you need to check your utilities and documents, and so on. The process is the same for any big city you try to relocate to. So, make sure that you are prepared for a slightly harder relocation. For starters, make sure to:

  • Acquire all pet documents if you need them. Depending on where you are relocating to NYC, you might need some pet documentation. Make sure that everything is in order when it comes to that.
  • Make sure that your pets are comfortable all the time. Cats, dogs, birds, and other animals humans keep as pets are living beings. They have their needs and requirements. You will need to ensure that they have everything they need.
  • Think about sustainable relocation. It is really easy to relocate sustainably with your pets. Find a good plastic bin rental option and get your professional boxes on time.
A cat and a dog

Make sure your pets are safe during the move

What to do about your relocation?

Remember, you should hire professionals even for a local move. If you have your pets with you (and you will), you might need someone that can relocate them successfully and without any issues. Relocating furniture is hard, but relocating pets is even harder. So, either get a company that really knows what they are doing or relocate your pets yourself. Keep in mind, sometimes even driving back and forth from your old place to your new one is worth it if it means your pets will be safe and sound.

A man talking on the phone

Think about calling someone to relocate your pets for you

Overall, moving to NYC with cats and dogs can be really difficult. For this reason, make sure that you contact some of the finest professionals that specialize in pet relocation. Otherwise, you will have to relocate your pets on your own. In any case, good luck and keep your little friends safe and sound!


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