Guide to handling a last-minute move|Time while handling a last-minute move|Good plan|Labeling boxes
Guide to handling a last-minute move|Time while handling a last-minute move|Good plan|Labeling boxes
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November 22, 2018

Guide to handling a last-minute move

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Handling a last-minute move is no easy matter. Especially if you need to move to across the country. Then you will need to hire cross country moving services NYC. But, whatever the case, you need to be well organized, efficient and at the top of your game at all times. Since there is so little time, there is no room for mistakes. Therefore, you must be extra careful, even though you are in a rush. To give you a clearer idea on what needs to get done and what is the best approach to do it, we have made this comprehensive guide. Follow it to your best ability, and you will successfully success in handling a last-minute move.

Time while handling a last-minute move

As you might have guessed, time is the biggest problem when handling a last-minute move.

Planning and handling a last-minute move

The biggest mistake that people make when handling a last-minute move is that they start doing things right away. Even though your time is limited, it is important that you make a good moving plan. There is little utility in you jumping straight into moving preparations. You need to be familiar with all the things that need to get done so that you can wisely distribute your time and energy. While you are handling a last-minute move you need to be as focused as possible. There is going to be no room for mistakes, and it is up to you to make sure that they do not occur.

Get good movers

First, you need to find and hire expert Midtown movers. Moving is a complicated project and the chance that you will approach it properly without professional help is minimal. Especially if you haven't done it before and you have very little time to do it. Therefore, get the much needed professional help and hire some competent movers. Forget about finding the cheapest movers. What you are looking for is someone who will be able to deal with your move. You cannot afford to find cheap movers since you do not have time to properly look for them. Be careful if a mover is offering you a considerably lower price than its competitors. Dishonorable movers love to scam people looking for last minute movers, as they know that they will be reckless.

Good plan

You cannot move properly without a good plan and reliable movers.


Once you have found your movers it is time to organize your move. Make sure that you arefully concentrated and that you understand every part of the move. You will need to be a part of your relocation. Therefore, you need to be familiar with every task that you must do, and the timeline in which you have to do it. Listen carefully to your movers' advice. They have much more experience than you, and everytime that you do not listen to them you risk making a mistake. Ask them to elaborate if you feel that something can be done for a lesser price or in a shorter amount of time. But, do not ignore their advice.


After you make your plan, you will have to deal with packing. Now, you can hire professional packing services to help you out. And, if you have a lot of things you definitely should. But, more often than not, you can deal with your own packing if you apply yourself and properly organize. Just make sure that you do it room by room and not move on until you have finished with the current room.

Packing supplies

You cannot pack without packing supplies. For moving boxes, you should either talk with your movers or find a store that sells moving boxes nearby. While it is possible to find free moving boxes, you will need time to do so. The time that you do not have. For padding and wrapping, you can use your clothes, towels, blankets and old newspapers. Don't forget to get some markers and tape in order to place some essential finishing touches on your packed boxes. Spare no money when getting packing supplies. If they are poor quality they can easily lead to moving accidents and mishaps which will cost you much more.


Start off by getting everything out. Open your closets and drawers and pull everything onto the floor. That way you will have a clear idea on what needs to get packed. Everything that you don't need you should put on one pile. And everything that you are going to pack you put on the other. If you are unsure whether you need something or not, just consider if you have used it in the last three months. If not, you do not need it. Now is not the time for sentimentality. Get rid of everything that is no longer useful. Not only will your move cost less, but you will spend less time packing yourself.


Everything that you are going to pack, you need to pack with care. Bad packing is the most common cause of moving accidents, and you do not have time for any. You need to pad and wrap anything fragile if it is going to survive the move. Use your thick clothes and newspaper as protection. Do not let fragile items touch each other directly as they can get damaged by vibrations of the moving truck. Avoid placing too many heavy items in the same box. For instance, books can get extremely heavy when put together. And you definitely don't need them ripping your box during relocation.


Once you have your boxes packed, you need to tape them and label them. Taping will make sure that the boxes do not open while being transported. Labeling help movers identify how delicate the content of the boxes is and how they need to approach handling it. Make sure to use bright markers and to clearly write if the content of the box is fragile or heavy. It is your duty to provide your movers with necessary information. Only then can you be sure that they will be as efficient and effective as possible when handling a last-minute move.

Labeling boxes

You cannot properly pack your boxes without labeling them.


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