new york city - cities similar to NYC|boston - cities similar to NYC|chicago|washington monument
new york city - cities similar to NYC|boston - cities similar to NYC|chicago|washington monument
Moving out of NYC
June 19, 2020

Guide to cities similar to NYC

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Life in New York City can become overwhelming. It is the most populous city in the US and not all people can live there. This is a city that is always alive and you will always be surrounded by a lot of people. It is natural if you would want to relocate somewhere else but still keep the lifestyle as similar as possible. Well, there are a lot of cities similar to NYC where you can try your luck and where you will maybe be happier. Before you hire Jersey city movers, be sure to find out everything about the city you are interested in. You do not want to make the mistake! Let's see where you can relocate from NYC!

Cities similar to NYC - where to relocate?

The USA is huge so there is a high chance that you will find whatever you are looking for. There is everything for everyone. But be sure that you really want to relocate to another city because the consequences could be very big, especially when we talk about money. Which are comparable cities to NYC where you can keep the same vibe?

  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington


Even though New York is much bigger than Boston, there are a lot of similarities which could be enough to encourage you to move there. First of all, both of the cities are located on the East coast of the USA. That means that the climate is almost the same, even though Boston has a slightly colder climate, especially in winter. Second of all, some parts of these two cities are quite similar. There are several parts of the cities that are called the same in both of them like China town, Little Italy, etc. That means that you will find the exacts same things there, with slight differences, of course. Also, both of the cities have a similar orientation when we talk about the biggest parks. They are places in the center of the area with tall buildings so you will not feel that much of a difference.

boston - cities similar to NYC

Boston is a perfect choice if you do not want to move long distance

San Francisco

Let's move to the West coast! Even though the architectonic vibe is not that comparable, the vibe you are getting from San Francisco is very similar to New York. Of course, it is not the same in size but the crowds and urban feel are almost the same. The big difference between these two cities is that San Francisco is considered one of the sunniest cities in the US, very close to Los Angeles. If you like warm weather all year long and want a similar experience like in NYC, San Francisco is your destination!


Chicago is one of the most famous cities similar to NYC. You could almost say that they are practically the same when we talk about the vibe you are getting from it. Actually, Chicago is still growing and that says a lot.But moving from NYC is not always smooth, even though you are relocating to a relatively close destination when we compare it with San Francisco. There are a lot of problems when moving from New York but the good thing is that you can prevent them. Relocations can turn into disasters if you are not careful enough. Many people forget this fact. Be sure to plan your relocation on time so that you could slide into the 'second' NYC!


Chicago is the exact copy of NYC


Another comparable city to NYC on the East coast is Philly. When we compare it to Boston's destination, it is even closer to NYC. When we talk about Philadelphia, most people think of it as a 6 borough. Well, since you are even considering to relocate from NYC to another city, this could be the biggest pro for you. People usually relocate from NYC due to the large community, non-stop action, etc. It is not for everyone and it is a great thing that you have realized that. Try something smaller, like Philly, and we guarantee that you will not have second thoughts. It has the same haste as in NYC but in a lot smaller proportion.


We could compare the capital of the US to New York. Even though New York is bigger, Washington is still the capital! That is enough for some people. Some of the most iconic monuments and museums are located here and for a good reason. The city of Washington still has the same glory NYC has, on another level. The fact that you are moving to the capital of the US should be enough for you to feel proud to be American!

washington monument

The capital of the US? Check it out!

Moving to cities identical to NYC

There are a lot of options for you to pick when looking for the perfect substitute. But once you decide about the city, your journey is not over. Moving from one big city to another is never an easy task to complete, especially if you are having a long-distance move.You will need all help that you can find, especially from the moving company. They are your best friends until you finish the relocation. Be sure to use their services according to your needs. Most people oversee the fact that you can get free moving boxes NYC from the moving company. You do not have to look for stores where you want to buy packing supplies. Just get them from your company and you will not have to step an inch out of your house and still be fully packed!


We can all agree that New York is unique. Even though it is one, that does not mean that you can't find cities similar to NYC and relocate there. Of course, the proportion is not the same and it will never be but not all people look for that. If you are not stress-driven, you will easily get fed up and want to relocate somewhere else. In that case, we are hoping that you will find any of these cities as interesting as we find them!


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