|vase with green heart that represent greenest neighborhoods in NYC|
|vase with green heart that represent greenest neighborhoods in NYC|
Relocating to NYC
May 15, 2020

Greenest neighborhoods in NYC

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One of the things that the whole world should have in common is an effort to make the world around us eco-friendly and green. NYC has been doing that since 2008 continually. And we can freely say that there are a lot of green neighborhoods in NYC. Being conscious of our environment is something that all of us should practice. If you are thinking about relocating to NYC, you can look for Queens movers and ask them about their opinion about greenest neighborhoods in NYC.

How to determine what are the greenest neighborhoods in NYC?

Well, one of the things that are important is to check air pollution. That can be a great sign of how green is the neighborhood. Also searching online for more information is definitely a great way to determine is that part of NYC a good fit for you. The use of public transport and bicycles is going up, and that is a great sign for sure. And as you know, the number of people recycling and composting is also going up.

vase with green heart that represent greenest neighborhoods in NYC

You can easily determine which are the greenest neighborhoods in NYC

Morningside Heights is one of the green neighborhoods

Morningside Heights has a lot of new buildings that are eco-friendly. But, also a lot of buildings have converted from oil and gas to cleaner-burning fuel. And this change has made air and the whole neighborhood much more greener and pleasant to live in. Besides that, this wonderful neighborhood offers a lot of green spots. by doing this, people should be encouraged to go outside and have fun. A lot of actions taken in NYC are actually part of the initiative OneNYC 2050. This initiative is aimed to make NYC a better place to live!

Forest Hills Gardens is a great option

Forest Hills Gardens is part of the historic area of Queens. It is one of the oldest planned communities in the US. If you talked with your movers about greenest neighborhoods in NYC - they probably mentioned this. One of the things that makes this place attractive is easy access to public transport.

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Forest Hills Gardens offers easy access to public transportA large number of houses, missions, historic sites, greens spaces is making Forest Hills Gardens very attractive. Also, this simply means that there is less traffic. And with less traffic, pollution is lower. Also, this great community has its own Greenmarket that offers locally sourced produce. So, don't waste any more time and start looking for moving services NYC. Start planning your relocation on time!

Park Slope is trendy and one of the greenest neighborhoods in NYC

Park Slope is a trendy, rising place in Brooklyn. But at the same time, it is an eco-friendly neighborhood in NYC. It is close to Prospect Park, so it is one of the greenest places in NYC for a reason. Also, Park Slope offers a variety of organic stores, shops, and restaurants. The whole community is green-minded, and you can easily meet new people. Park Slope Civic Council organizes a lot of different activities that attract a lot of different people.If you are trying to decide should you move to a bigger home, and try to grow some of the vegetables on your own - go for it! In Park Slope, you will find a lot of organic restaurants that specialize in locally raised vegetables, meat, and even locally sourced wines. You can be sure that you will love it here!


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