free moving boxes NYC|saving money||bookshop|search online|moving boxes NYC
free moving boxes NYC|saving money||bookshop|search online|moving boxes NYC
NYC Special Moving Assistance
February 1, 2018

Free moving boxes NYC save your money

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The most exhausting part of the moving process is packing. While preparing for the move, there’s always that time when we stress out about forgetting something. In case you didn’t ask your local movers NYC to help you with professional packing, you’ll have to find free moving boxes NYC.Packing by yourself for the move can be a breeze if you prepare for it. Finding good moving boxes will help you sort out all of your belongings. Afterwards, all you have to do is make a to-do list, label your boxes and you’re ready for the move!

Know what you’re looking for

saving money

If you want your belongings to be safe and dry during the move, your moving boxes should be too.If you’re worried about your moving estimate NYC, know that not everything will have to cost much money. Before you start looking for moving boxes in NYC, make sure you know what you need. There are plenty of places in this city that you can find them. However, moving boxes that you can get for free can often be damaged or old. These are not the ones you can use for your move. If you want your belongings to be safe and dry during the move, the same goes with moving boxes. If you can find clean and sturdy boxes for free, consider taking them.

Connect with people

In this time and age, it’s common for people to exchange their experiences online. If you have friends and family members who had experience with the relocation, ask them for the advice. It’s always best to hear an experience and learn from others’ mistakes.

search online

Facebook and other social media channels have many groups that share their experience about moving.Social media is one of the best places to find free moving boxes NYC. Especially if you don’t have time to wander through the city. Facebook and other social media channels have many groups that share their experience about moving. Try finding open groups and chats. You can end up getting the best advice from people you just met.

Ask the company you work in

If you work in a big company, there is a pretty big chance it’s going to have many free boxes you can take. Considering all the office supplies that employees use on daily basis, there should be plenty of boxes left. Try asking people who deal with office supplies. They will probably know all the sizes of boxes that you can take. If you work in a big company, you’ll probably find many free moving boxes NYC just waiting to be thrown away.

Search local shops for free moving boxes NYC

Every shop in New York (and there’s so many of them) is dealing with some sort of moving boxes. If you know a local seller or the shop owner, ask them in advance if they can save you some. Make sure to tell them specifically that the boxes you need should be dry and without a damage. You will not like to pack your books in a box used for transporting tropical fruit.The best thing to do before asking locals for the moving boxes is to prepare. Consider making an inventory list of all the things you want to pack into boxes. This way it will be easier for you to know how many boxes you’ll need. Also, you will know the average size of free moving boxes NYC you will be using.

Ask companies that deal with paper


Ask workers in a local bookstore to leave you few boxes in advance.If anyone in New York City has spare carton boxes it should be bookstores. Any store that works with books and paper will need these boxes for transporting their inventory. Even better for you, these stores get new boxes on weekly basis. Ask workers to leave you few boxes in advance. This way you can make sure not to get old and damaged ones.Besides bookstores, here are some of the stores that you can check out for free moving boxes NYC:

  • Clothes chain stores and shoe stores
  • Restaurants and hotels – their bars usually order many bottles of liquor every week.
  • Home improvement and hardware stores. These types of stores have anything for your home you can think of. Luckily for you, all the supplies come in big moving boxes.

Chain stores always have boxes in good shape

Believe it or not, chain stores like Starbucks have too many carton boxes that don’t know what to do with. Make sure to ask the manager if you can have some of the boxes. If they refuse for any reason, there’s a big chance they will offer you a good deal for them. If you are a regular customer, it’ more likely that you’ll get them for free.

moving boxes NYC

Make sure to ask the manager of the store if you can have some of the boxes.The best part is that these stores get boxes in many sizes. You can choose the size you need and pack anything from kitchen tools, clothes and even antique pieces of art. In case you want to pack some of your things in moving boxes but not to move them, here is the solution. A moving company you hired can help you find a convenient storage unit in NYC. In case you pack the boxes for the storage, there should be almost new and in good shape.

Where can you look for free moving boxes online?

For those who don’t feel like going all around the New York City looking for free moving boxes, there is a solution. You can always check online if some companies offer free moving boxes NYC. If you want to check online for free moving boxes, there are places you can find them. Community-based online forums are always full of people who want to give away free moving boxes NYC. Check forums like Craigslist and Freecycle.


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