New York City during daytime||
New York City during daytime||
New York CIty housing
December 14, 2020

Everything you need to know about micro apartments in NYC

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Living large is a thing of the past. More and more people are going for a minimalist way of living. Some people by choice, others not. In NYC it is especially hard to find an apartment. Therefore many people are trying to find the solution by living in micro-apartments in NYC. Capital City Movers NYC will reveal the benefits of living in a smaller flat. Tidying up, vacuuming, washing up - all tiresome housework that takes time. Also, you can restore the order in a micro-apartment in no time. The bed disappears in the closet, the hot plate in the drawer, and the ironing board folds to the side of the toilet.

Minimalism in Manhattan

For "Carmel Place" in Manhattan you can say that it is the most spectacular example of micro-apartments in NYC. The city is testing how affordable living space can be created for the 1.8 million single or couples looking for a place to live in NYC. But with a monthly rent of 1000 dollars in this location, you simply have to try your luck. If micro-apartments are to be built regularly in the future, however, New York will have to clear out its outdated building code. The building code does not allow apartments smaller than 37 m².

Micro apartments in NYC

Accept changes that will meet your needs.

Furniture in a micro-apartment

Two things are especially important: sophisticated furnishing and keeping order. The bench is also a cupboard, the table becomes a bed and the sink disappears under a countertop. Everything is multifunctional. It works similarly in small apartments if you furnish them cleverly. Use shelves to visually separate individual living areas. At the same time, you gain storage space. It's all about using up the hidden storage potential of the apartment. Look for living room and kitchen tables with drawers. A stool in the living area can also provide hidden storage space. You can gain space in the kitchen by covering the sink and stove. Cover it with a worktop and fit the table with a hinge. Also, clutter is particularly annoying in small spaces. Another advantage of a smaller apartment is that the number of moving boxes NYC will be reduced if you have fewer items.

Why are micro-apartments becoming a trend?

The reason why micro-apartments in NYC are booming is that there is a gap between supply and demand for small apartments. This applies especially for the large cities. The increasing flexibility of the labor market is also increasing the number of commuters. Many people can no longer afford a "normal-sized" apartment in the metropolitan areas. Thanks to Micro Living, they can nevertheless participate intensively in life in the metropolis.

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Tiny apartments may feel cozier if you decorate them properlyYou do not need a big apartment to feel comfortable. Achieve everything with smart planning and smart furnishing. You can get coziness in micro-apartments as well. Therefore, after you find your perfect micro-apartment in NYC contact movers Williamsburg. They can surely help you move in and start fresh in your new apartment.


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