A day in NYC- How does it look like?|Becoming a New Yorker- is it too difficult for expats?|Everyday life in NYC means the crowd everywhere
A day in NYC- How does it look like?|Becoming a New Yorker- is it too difficult for expats?|Everyday life in NYC means the crowd everywhere
NY lifestyle
November 8, 2017

Everyday life in NYC

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As a newcomer in every city of the world, you'll find it difficult to adjust to all the things at the same time. Hence, you'll feel not so happy for a while, because many things you got used to are missing there. On the other hand, many other things you need to get used to appearing everywhere. There are new people, new places, a new way of life etc. It is perfectly normal that you'll need some time to figure it our how to become a New Yorker. A period of an adjustment is what you must expect. However, you can alleviate the stress that will appear sooner or later. Our suggestion is to visit New York as a tourist first. If there is no such a possibility then at least read a bit about the everyday life in NYC. Or contact your NYC movers and discuss your move with them, they'll have a tip or two. This is an article to help you ease up a period of adjustment to NYC lifestyle.

Becoming a New Yorker

How do you actually adjust to NYC lifestyle, and can you actually become a New Yorker as a newcomer? Sure you can. This is a metropolis. As such, it's home to probably all the nationalities, religions, sports fans, art lovers etc. you can remember. Therefore, whatever group of people you might be a part of, or whatever you might like, you'll find your place in NYC. It is probably one of the cities where you can never actually feel like a stranger. Hence, an adjustment to life here takes so much less time than adjusting to smaller or more conservative city. New York City accepts and promotes differences, it embraces you since the first step you take, but it also freaks you out. How come all those things happen at the same time?

Becoming a New Yorker- is it too difficult for expats?

Is becoming a New Yorker a mission impossible for newcomers?On one hand, New York is a metropolis with all sorts of people living here. On the other, all those people adjusted to the fast life and the everyday stress in New York. In case you didn't know, everyday life in NYC is commonly stressful. Among other beautiful things, of course. We just wanted to make sure you perfectly understand that life in the Big Apple isn't always milk and honey. But it certainly can be brilliant! Here are a few tips on what should you do as a New Yorker:

  • Learn how to use the subway - Knowing where you're going and how to get there helps a lot
  • You're gonna walk a lot, buy endurable and comfortable shoes!
  • Lose your car- you won't need it in NYC.
  • Don't go to Times Square on New Year's Eve
  • Act normally if you see a movie being filmed on the streets- because it's a common thing in New York

This wasn't a guide, but just a few tips to realize how it looks like to be a New Yorker. There are a plethora of things you'll need to adopt as normal to be perceived as a domestic and not a newcomer. Don't worry, once you get settled in NYC, it won't matter that much what other people think of you. To be honest, the most of the people won't even look at you. Once you stop thinking about the others and stop caring what others think about you, you'll be able to say you're a New Yorker, at least partially.

Everyday life in NYC means the crowd everywhere

Get used to the crowd, it's a part of everyday life in NYC

What is everyday life in NYC like?

We shall go through a few details, to give you an insight of a common day in NYC. No, it's not that bad as it looks like, and no, it's not that good as it looks like. Everyday life in NYC shall push you from the bottom to the top and back hundreds of times. The sooner you adjust to that, the better New York life you shall have. So, here is what you can expect from a regular day in NYC:

  • There is a lot of shoving- Entering the subway, entering the building, entering the stores- you'll be shoved and you'll be forced to shove to actually enter anywhere.
  • So many people- so many different moods. Don't pay attention to other people's emotions. Especially if someone's crying or being sad. Would you like others to look your way if you were in such a situation?
  • Walking quickly is a regular thing. Get used to it, or be late everywhere. Fast-paced life is a synonym for an NYC lifestyle.
  • Be tolerant, so you could expect the others to be tolerant for you. You won't like many people, but many people won't like you too. A tolerance is what solves problems like that.
  • No, don't think that New York City is the best place in the world. Be sure of it! And act like you're honored to have a chance of living in the No 1 city!
  • Always be prepared to change the job. It is a normal part of everyday life in NYC. Yes, there are so many great jobs in New York City. But the employers are also looking for great people. So as soon as you make one or two mistakes (and everybody makes mistakes), know that there's a probability to lose your job.
  • Be prepared to eat quickly if you intend to eat outside the office. As we said, NYC is a busy city, so you'll lose the most of the time while getting to the place where you'd like to eat.
  • Everything is so expensive. I mean everything, literally! No matter how much money you make, don't just relax too much and enjoy too many things you need to pay for in only one day.
  • In the end of the day, NYC is a great place to live in. You can have a good time no matter what day or what time it is. Whenever you feel like doing something, in most cases you'll be able to do it. Hence, no matter how much stress you experience during your day, you'll have a chance to have a good time afterward!


Getting to NYC - How to find the good movers?

  1. Recommendations- your friends and family are a great source of information.
  2. The internet- Digging for movers on the web might be dangerous, so make sure you check the background of each NYC local moving company you intend hiring.
  3. The ads- Seeking for companies this way, make sure you check if they own a website, and find out everything you can about them.

Whatever source you use, make a list of at least 5-10 movers to choose between. After you do that, one thing is very important- make sure you thoroughly check every company from the list you make. If you intend to hire the best moving and storage services in NYC, you'll need to put some effort! Experience everyday life in NYC even before coming here, be quick with hiring the movers. If you're not, somebody else will be.


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