Person holding snowflakes decor|||||Man packing box with duct tape
Person holding snowflakes decor|||||Man packing box with duct tape
Relocating to NYC
January 2, 2021

Essential tips for a snowy moving day

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Moving can be hard but it can be even harder if you are moving on a snowy day. There are extra things to consider and you should be extra careful. Therefore, you should plan ahead if you are moving in winter. If you see that it is supposed to snow on moving day or there is a threat of icy conditions, inform your moving helpers accordingly and provide some tasty snacks and warm tea to keep everyone happy. You should also have protective gloves, a scarf, and a warm jacket on hand for cold days. Capital City Movers NYC will share with you some essential tips for a snowy moving day.

Prepare for a snowy moving day

When moving in winter, you should keep an eye on the weather forecast. In this way, surprises will be avoided. In case of extreme weather conditions, it is recommended to postpone the move. Otherwise, you should just be careful and prepare for winter weather. Do some research and find out about the possible road closures and disruptions due to the snow. Probably the most important tip is to stay relaxed. Look forward to your new home and don't get stressed. It may be a snowy moving day, the streets may be more crowded than usually due to the holiday spirit, but none of that should dampen your anticipation.

Snowy moving day

If you are doing the move by yourself make sure that an experienced driver will do the driving.

Start moving as early as possible

The days are much shorter in winter than in the summer months. Therefore, it is advisable to start moving as early as possible. This will leave you with enough daylight to get the move done. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on the weather forecast. If the weather forecast says it will be a snowy day, you should ensure a little extra time and start clearing the snow well in advance. Also, use salt or gravel to ensure that the walkway from the house to the van is free of icy and slippery conditions. Prepare for the fact that your movers will probably enter your apartment with wet shoes. This can turn the floor into a slippery slope. Therefore, mop the floor frequently to avoid any accidents.

Protect your belongings

Take care of plants that don't handle the cold very well. Keep in mind that low temperatures are likely to prevail in the moving truck. This can be a problem, especially if moving long distance. Therefore, wrap blankets around the plants to keep them warm. If possible, transport certain plants to the new home in your own car. Electrical appliances do not like humidity and cold. Pack into moving boxes NYC your TV, computer, or other electronics so that you are protecting them from moisture as much as possible.

Man packing box with duct tape

You can use thick plastic sheets and blankets to protect electronic equipment and delicate furniture from moisture.If you plan everything well or you have help from a good moving company a snowy moving day can become a good memory. Contact Capital City Movers also if you need Long Island storage. They will be happy to help you in every step of your move.


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