new homeowners in NYC will need to work in order to maintain their home|A yard|A roof|A roof
new homeowners in NYC will need to work in order to maintain their home|A yard|A roof|A roof
New York CIty housing
April 9, 2021

Essential maintenance tips for new homeowners in NYC

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Everybody loves being a homeowner, but everybody hates maintaining the home. However, we think we can help you out. There are obviously more important things to take care of depending on the time of year and the current situation of your home. That's why the Capital City Movers always have your back. We've made a list of some essential maintenance tips for new homeowners in NYC. Here are just some of them.

Take care of the yard

Depending on what you have in your yard you'll have more or less work to do. For example, your garden. If your lawn isn't yet in a bad condition it's okay to leave it, but by summer you'll probably need to get on the lawnmower. When it comes to other problems our local movers in NYC recommend turning on the sprinklers after the rain stops. And for those lucky among you that have a pool just pick up the leaves and branches from the surface and scrub away the sides if anything was sticking to them.

A yard

You need to take care of the yard first as one of the new homeowners in NYC

Plumbing is one of the things new homeowners in NYC should watch out

Unfortunately, bad plumbing can be a reason for a ton of problems. That's why you need to take a good look at your existing plumbing after you entered your new home. If for some reason there are problems, resolve them as fast as possible. One of the tips for moving to NYC is to always ask the previous owner about potential problems. Maybe the biggest that can happen is the freezing of pipes. That isn't such a big problem as it seems, however it can cause damage inside pipes.

HVAC systems

If you have central heat and air it isn't a bad idea to check up on your HVAC system from time to time. You just don't want your ventilation or heating systems to be blocked and out of function. Especially in the time of year where you need it the most. It might cost some money, but it's better than having moving boxes NYC that are ready to be packed. For that reason, don't hesitate and check up on your systems from time to time when you feel the need for it.

A roof

Make sure your roof isn't leaking

New homeowners in NYC should check up on their roof

When you're one of the new homeowners in NYC you'll have a lot of checking up and maintenance to do. However, you'll soon get the grip and all will go faster. One of the biggest concerns you should have right from the start is water tightness. Be it something that goes with New York City regulations or not, you really need to have your roof doing its job all the time. Having your roof not leaking should be one of your priorities if for some reason it is.Being among proud new homeowners in NYC is one of the best things that can happen to you. You're living the dream that many people would love to have. Many of them are oblivious about all the maintenance you need to do in your home to keep it functional and clean. That's why we hope you'll stand proud as a homeowner in NYC and continue even if you encounter some problems. We hope you'll enjoy your new NYC home as much as you can.


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