Eco-friendly storage|cardboard boxes on a pallet|solar panels|recycle sign
Eco-friendly storage|cardboard boxes on a pallet|solar panels|recycle sign
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August 31, 2018

Eco-Friendly Storage Tips

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These days everything and everyone is moving green. And it should be like that. If we do not pay attention to our environment, then who will? Raising awareness about ecology, environment safety, and recycling has become one of main things thing individuals, companies and governments are doing. In that spirit, we decided to give you some very useful tips on Eco-friendly storage solutions. It is our contribution to this movement, and you should start thinking about moving to green if you already didn't so far. luckily, today you can easily find and afford this type of storage units such as wooden pallets and Eco-friendly storage plastic bins.

Why are Eco-friendly solutions are important?

Going green has become a standard. You will see on each piece of plastic, carton, or items of any other material recycle signs which represents the way you should handle and dispose of them. Now, these pieces of information do not have any value or sense if we do not respect them. Important to realize is the fact that these inputs are not for marketing purpose only. They have a deep and significant meaning. As you probably already know, hyper-production of all sort of items is very actual today. As a direct consequence, amounts of trash and disposed materials from the production process are tremendous. The same way, the trash like packages of these items, we as consumers are disposing of every day. Hopefully, we are doing that respecting recycling regulation, as it is very important for our health and safety.

recycle sign

Going green has various benefits for all of usIf we try to set our mind to an Eco-friendly way of living, we will benefit a lot. These are things that will happen if we start having the green mindset:

  • We will save our environment
  • More materials will be recycled, hence pollution will decrease
  • Reducing global warming
  • We are saving resources
  • It is beneficial for our wallet

As you can see there are numerous benefits to going green. But do not limit yourself to recycling only. This is the much wider term and you should try to implement a green mindset in each and every aspect of your life. Plant a tree, clean your street, and try to use as more Eco-friendly products as possible. Act responsible, teach your kids to act responsibly, and try to impact at least your local community to do the same.

Eco-friendly storage solutions

Now, as we explained how important is to set your mindset to think green, let's talk about Eco-friendly storage solutions. Not only it is a good way to contribute to this movement, but your items will be safe in such containers, especially if you want to store some food or children's clothes. What you should know is that many storage facilities are turning green these days in terms of having Eco-friendly storage units and energy-saving systems. Especially in big metropolises such as New York City. Therefore, if you are considering renting affordable storage units in NYC, check if they are Eco-friendly and use only such storage units. There is a good reason behind this tip - if you rent such unit, you can be sure that it is fairly new, as this has become a trend only a couple years ago.

It is decluttering time!

Before you start making a "going green" plan, you should organize decluttering. It is important to get rid of all unnecessary items in order to totally refresh your home. Once you finish with the selection of all unnecessary belongings, make sure you separate them in order to recycle whatever you can. If you still have some unwanted clothing or appliances, you can always donate those to charity. Not only that you will put them to good use, but you will feel great as well. Thinking about society is equally important as thinking about nature and environment.

Eco-friendly storage items

Now we will help you choose the perfect storage items for your belongings that "survived" decluttering. The most Eco-friendly storage material is defiantly cardboard. It is biodegradable, easy to use, and 100% recyclable. Just make sure that cardboard boxes you are taking are heavy duty and made from recycled materials. If you take boxes made of thin cardboard, you are risking damaging your goods. One important note - cardboard boxes are good for storing only items that can handle moisture and water. In case of unfortunate case of events, your things might get wet in this type of boxes, so make sure you do not have any water-sensitive items in them. This is very important especially if you are using these boxes for storing collectibles.

cardboard boxes on a pallet Eco-friendly storage

Always try to use Eco-friendly storage itemsWhat you need to know is that plastic tape is not green at all. Not to mention that it can cost you a lot if you need to use it for taping some big and robust items. What you can use instead of it are zip ties. They are usually made of recycled plastic and it would be the best to purchase reusable ones. Additionally, they are very strong and durable, hence whatever you are securing with them will be secure than with the tape.

How recognize Eco-friendly storage unit

solar panels

Solar energy is very Eco-friendlyNowadays there are many storage units you can rent. But how can you distinguish regular from green units? There are certain things that make a storage unit green. First of all, there is an energy question. Using renewable sources of energy are one of the first steps in going green process. Solar energy is defiantly in the first place of such type of energy. And nowadays it is very affordable. Additionally changing a traditional lighting to LED will save energy and money as well. If storage units are made from recycled materials such as easy-to-grow woods, they are considered to be green as well. Each and every addition that is made in order to reduce pollution and enable environment saving is a positive change, and we should support it by using such Eco-friendly storage solutions. Final tip - Act responsible and be the change you want to see in the world.


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