A tree in a bubble protected by hands - Eco-friendly moving tips|A sign for electric vehicle - Eco-friendly moving tips|A plastic moving box|
A tree in a bubble protected by hands - Eco-friendly moving tips|A sign for electric vehicle - Eco-friendly moving tips|A plastic moving box|
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December 9, 2019

Eco-friendly moving tips

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Have you ever wondered what an eco-friendly moving actually means? How can you make your relocation eco-friendly? Or do you maybe think that you alone can’t do anything that could help our environment? So why bother, right? Or you maybe want to do something but you don’t know where to even begin? Our environment has never been so polluted as today. Many scientists warn that if we don’t change our lifestyle soon that it’ll be too late to save our planet. So everything counts! And considering that the moving process isn’t exactly eco-friendly you should do everything you can to soften the impact. Luckily, New Jersey movers are here to give you some great eco-friendly moving tips!

Hire a green moving company for eco-friendly moving

Eco-friendly moving has never been more talked about than now. And no wonder, considering that during the moving process movers accumulate a lot of trash, waste a lot of materials and waste a lot of fuel, especially for long-distance moving. Those are just some of the reasons that led to the development of an alternative to regular movers. Green moving companies have started to pop up all over the world.So a great way to start making your relocation eco-friendly is by hiring a green moving company. These companies use bio-diesel fuel instead of traditional gas. They also use recyclable moving supplies and much more. That’s why you should use their services. And you should take advantage of their expertise and ask your movers for some eco-friendly moving tips.

A sign for electric vehicle - Eco-friendly moving tips

Some green moving companies even try to use electric vehicles as much as they can

Eco-friendly moving and moving supplies

The easiest and probably the most important thing you can do to make moving eco-friendly is to reconsider your packing supplies. Most people would just buy cardboard boxes, plastic sheets and bubble wrapping material. But there are so many different ways you can get packing supplies you need.

Option number 1

The eco-friendliest option would be not to buy any packing supplies at all. But instead, use the things you already have as packing supplies. So if you’d use your:

  • suitcases
  • duffel bags
  • gym bags
  • reusable grocery totes
  • and even your drawers

you’d really be reducing your carbon footprint! Basically, use anything that can serve as a container. And since you will surely continue using those items, you won’t have to wonder what to do with all those things after the move, like you would have to with cardboard boxes. Plus, you won’t be leaving virtually any trash behind you. And furthermore, given that you’re using the things you already own, you’ll be saving money which is always a great thing when moving.

Option number 2

However, if you don’t have enough suitcases and duffel bags to pack all of your belongings, don’t fret! For we have the perfect solution for you – rent plastic moving boxes! And before the alarms on the mention of word plastic start going on in your head, read further. Because even though we usually hear plastic in a negative context, especially regarding the environment, when we are talking about eco-friendly moving plastic can be a good thing.

A plastic moving box

That is, only if it’s in the form of a plastic box.The reason for this is that the plastic that is used in making this kind of moving boxes can be recycled. So even when you’re done with using plastic moving boxes they won’t become waste. Furthermore, plastic moving boxes can be reused multiple times before they have to be recycled. Which is more than you can say for not so endurable cardboard boxes.

Option number 3

Option number 3 is actually the worst option if you want to have an eco-friendly moving. And this option means that you’ll be using cardboard boxes. But the catch to making it at least a little eco-friendly is that instead of buying them, you should collect them. You can do that either by keeping all of the boxes that you get before your relocation. Or you can go to various supermarkets, pharmacies, shops and other places and ask them to give you the boxes that they don’t need anymore. By reusing these boxes you’re reducing the trash. Again, this is not the best option, but as I’ve already said, everything counts.

Option number 4

Now that we’ve covered the topic of containers, it’s time to talk about other packing supplies you might need. You will certainly need something to wrap around your fragile belongings. Usually, you’d use plastic bubble wrap. However, we have an eco-friendly moving tip for you and that is to use your clothes! Your clothes and socks are great materials you can use to soften the blow to your fragile belongings. Believe it or not, newspapers are also great for packing your glassware, for example.

Blankets - Eco-friendly moving tips

And you can always use your old blankets instead of buying moving blanketsIt’s needless to say that finding as many alternatives to moving supplies used particularly to wrapping is very important. Because many people fail to dispose properly of precisely that kind of packing material. So just let yourself be creative and I’m sure that you’ll come up with a few more eco-friendly moving solutions!

Fighting the trash for the eco-friendly moving

Have I already said that we accumulate a lot of trash during the moving process, right? Well, that wasn’t related only to packing supplies. We tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years. And half of those things we don’t really use. Think about all those books and papers that collect the dust on your shelves for example. So once we have to decide what we are going to pack and take with us to our new home we are forced to deal with those things. And many of them end up in the trash.So here’s the last eco-friendly moving tip for you - instead of throwing away your belongings donate them! Or if you don’t want to donate, you can always try to sell them on eBay for example. But the most important thing is that you try to save as many things as you can from the trash. And if you do have to throw something away then, please, make sure that you recycle it properly.


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