|Types of moving service|types of moving service|
|Types of moving service|types of moving service|
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July 4, 2018

The different moving service types

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Moving home or uprooting is always described as an epic journey into the unknown. A great life occurrence, that will change everything you new and put you in new and unpredictable situations. Like any other big life event, moving is what you make of it. If you plan ahead, do your research and stay flexible throughout you can look forward to a successful transition. If you decide to do everything last minute and hope it will turn out ok...well good luck to you. Now it's your time, you made the big decision to undertake this "epic journey". The only thing left to do is to look into different moving service types and decide which suits you best. Let's give it a closer look.

moving service types in relocation adventure

Moving is the epic journey into the unknown.

What are moving service types?

You need to hire reliable NYC moving services to even expect this diversity of service. Even if you already decided to hire moving professionals, the price may vary greatly depending on the service level. Therefore, the prejudice that hiring moving companies is costly from the get isn't true. Different moving service types are created to provide relocation service for anyone's budget. Moving service types are the different levels of assistance you would like to receive from your moving company during the course of a household move.

Local Moving Service

Local moves are usually inside of a single state. Another condition that defines a local move is the distance. It should be between 50 and 100 miles. Local movers NYC know too well that these short distance moves are as complex as any interstate move. Probably the only easier aspect of a short-distance relocation is the fact your post-move adjusting will take much less time. Local moving companies will charge you by the hour. So you are basically paying for the time they'll need to pack/unpack you, load/unload the truck. Don't forget the time it will take the moving truck to get to your new home.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance move is basically the same as above mentioned short distance. The only difference is that a long distance move exceeds the 100-mile boundary. In this case, you are paying for the combination of the estimated weight of your shipment and the actual distance to your final destination. To choose the best movers for you, research at least three companies and ask for in-house estimates to get the most accurate quote. Here at Capital City Movers, you get a free quote directly on our website.

Interstate move

On the other hand, interstate moving brings a whole new set of rules. The most important thing is the USDOT number, which is required in order to cross state borders or more to the point, operate legally. The estimate for an interstate move comes down to the weight of your shipment coupled with the level of service.

moving service types in interstate moving

Interstate move bring a whole new set of rules.

International moving

This type of more requires hiring a moving company that handles international relocation. This type of move usually asks for safe storage in NYC. It also requires a lot of paperwork on top. International moving costs are based on the volume of the shipment, measured in cubic meters or cubic feet. They are also the most complex types of relocation with their own specifics and rules. Therefore, you really need to hire reputable international movers to do the job.

The Different Levels of Moving Service

The different levels of moving service come down to three major types. Or better say, how much work are you willing to do on your own. Our advice is to sit down and think long and hard what's the best option for your budget. If you think you are saving money by going DIY, think again. You'll still have to pay and do all the work. Consider how much you value your time because time is money as much as weight is money in the moving industry.

Self Service

With this level of moving service, you do all the hard work while the moving company provides the transport. You as a customer will have to pack, load and unload the truck. The moving company is contracted to provide the moving truck and transport your belongings from point A to point B. Since you are doing all the work better start researching how to pack like a pro or how to get the tools of the trade- moving supplies.

Self-service the DIY approach-your cat will be proud of you.

Loading Service

The next step in the moving service types is the loading service, which represents the medium between the three. The moving company providing this type of service will ask you to pack your belonging before the truck arrives on a moving day. The service provider will then load the truck for you and transport your belongings to your new address. They are also required to unload the truck at your new home. On the other hand, they are not required to carry furniture upstairs or move items inside in general.

The Full Service

The "white glove" service, the "royal treatment" or however you want to call it, the name is rather self-explanatory. This is the type of service we provide here at Capital City Movers NYC and we know everything there is about it. With this level of care, the service provider needs to communicate every aspect of the move with you. Provide packing supplies, individually wrap or pack every item in your household and load them onto the truck. Once at your desired location, the moving company has to unload the truck for you, unpack all your belongings, help you place the furniture and last but not the least, take out all the trash for you.If you can't spare time to conduct a more independent relocation, the full service might be the best option for you. On the other hand, this is the costliest service on offer, because it represents the highest level of care in the industry. From all the moving service types, this one will make any relocation seem like a minor inconvenience. Something that will take a day out of your vacation time or sick leave.


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