Senior couple holding hands while walking|Retirement sign|glasses on the book|long-distance senior move
Senior couple holding hands while walking|Retirement sign|glasses on the book|long-distance senior move
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August 29, 2018

Coordinating a Long-Distance Senior Move

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It is always exciting to change your surroundings and living area. And it doesn't matter if you are doing it because of the new job position, or you simply want a change in your life. Maybe a fresh start for instance. This applies to all and everybody, regardless of age. In all honesty, older people are usually moving more frequently than the younger population. And they have a very good reason for that. Once they are retired, they have much more free time, that they earned during the working period, and they want to enjoy it. It is their time to explore new places that they were not able to visit before. But moving is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you are a senior and want to move far away from your current place. This is where these tips for a long-distance senior move will come really handy.

How to prepare for a long-distance senior move

glasses on the book

In order to prepare correctly for the upcoming move, you will need to conduct a thorough researchIt doesn't matter if you are old or young, or moving few streets away or moving your home across the country. Moving preparation is quite the same for all these cases. You need to research a lot and make a solid moving plan. These things are essential. But, before you start with these activities, you need to have all necessary and proper information. Moving can be really stressful and expensive, and your first job is to prepare correctly in order to avoid any kind of troubles and difficulties. Here are some things you need to research before you start making a moving plan:

  • Your new neighborhood
  • Future living costs based on the future living area
  • Moving company you will hire for this project
  • Adaptation process to your new surroundings

As you can see, thorough research of these things will give you a solid base for making the perfect moving plan. The smart thing to do is to make an ultimate moving checklist that will help you track each and every step of your moving plan. That is the best way not to forget anything. A long-distance senior move can be really tough, and keeping mental notes instead of writing everything down could be very exhausting. Keep in mind that your mental health can reflect on your physical health, so unnecessary exertion should be avoided. In the end, nothing is as valuable as your health, so try to stay positive and relaxed during the whole moving process. After all, you will need strength for all those long walks around your new neighborhood.

How to find the perfect moving company for your long-distance senior move

The very first thing you need to know about moving companies is that there are a lot of them. Especially in the big cities like the New York City. In the past few years relocation business has become very lucrative, and many are trying to find their luck with it. But, not all of those moving agencies are actually capable of performing a long-distance relocation. This type of relocation is very special and requires extra attention and effort. First, moving company you are considering to hire for a long-distance senior move must have an extensive experience in this type of relocation. That is a must if you want everything to go smoothly. So, if you want to pick the best long distance movers NYC can offer, you need to conduct a fair research.

Retirement sign

Many seniors are choosing to relocate to another State after they retireBut, before you start looking for movers that will help you relocate, you need to know what to look. In order to help you with this task, here are some characteristics that every good and reliable moving company has. Once you know what to look for, you will be able to recognize moving company you want to hire for the job. Keep in mind that you should be careful while picking, as there are some reports of fraudulent activities in this niche. But, that shouldn't scare you at all, as these scammers are easy to recognize. If you suspect that anything might be fishy, just skip those movers. Making a wrong decision could cost you a lot, and that is a risk you can't take.

License and Insurance

Every decent moving company will have two things - license for the job, and active insurance policy. These two things are a must, and if you can't get a proof of these form movers you are investigating, scratch that moving company form your list. The license is proof that this company is registered for executing moving activities, and that their business is completely legal. Every licensed moving company is registered in the US Department of Transportation database and has an active DOT number.On the other side, an insurance policy is not a legally obligatory thing, but movers who are responsible and reliable will have it. That means all your belongings are covered in the case of an accident, and that is the best warranty you can have, especially for the long-distance senior move. As you will not be able to oversee the whole transportation process, you need to be able to stay relaxed not thinking about a situation where you can get your belongings damaged. Even though sometimes you must pay additionally for this perk, it is highly recommendable to do it. It can cost you a few extra dollars, but it is nothing comparing to the price of all your property. Just make sure once you get your moving estimate NYC to check that insurance is included in the final price.

long-distance senior move

The best way to stay relaxed during the relocation is to have an insurance for all your belongings

Check the reputation of your movers

Every good moving company will make sure that their clients are satisfied with the provided service. It is the best advertise they can have, and it is totally free. And every satisfied customer will always leave a positive comment about their experience. Your job is to find such testimony. It is very important for your long-distance senior move to hire a good moving company, and to make sure you get such movers, you need to find a proof that they know what they are doing.


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