Two friends watching a sunset|Making plans|Living in Long Island|College moving|Proper storage is very important when college moving to Long Island
Two friends watching a sunset|Making plans|Living in Long Island|College moving|Proper storage is very important when college moving to Long Island
Relocating to NYC
July 17, 2018

College moving to Long Island

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When college moving to Long Island, you should try to do it right. Just driving there with your stuff won't do you much good. You don't need to prepare too much, but some preparations are required in order to avoid unnecessary but potentially costly mistakes.

Living in Long Island

Long Island is there for you to explore, but first, you should take care of your move.

Get properly prepared for college moving to Long Island

Proper preparations are the name of the game. Getting yourself well informed and properly organized will make your move as easy as pie.

Research your college

First things first, find out as much as you can about the college you are going to. Different colleges have different ways of orienting their students when it comes to moving in. Some will give you a small time window in which you should move in. Other give their students a couple of days to move in. Finding out what your college expects from you will tremendously help you come moving day. You should also keep in mind that choosing which bed you want differs from college to college. Some are on first come first serve basis. Others require that all of the roommates be present when deciding on bed distribution. Also, some colleges have their students help their newcomers with moving in. If that is the case you should make plans so that you count in the students help.

Get acquainted with your future roommate

We live in a very connected world so there is no excuse for you not to meet your future roommate. Seeing who they are will give you time to prepare for living with them. You should also exchange basic information in order to be better connected. Your parents and their parents should also have yours and your roommate's basic information so they can reach you if you are not available. And so that your roommate's parents can reach them if they are not available. Talk to your roommate. Maybe they have some vital information about the college that you are unaware of. A good gesture is to get them a small present when you move in. It doesn't have to cost much, but it will be a good start to a future friendship. Trust us, you will need friends once you move to Long Island.

Two friends watching a sunset

You will need friends to survive College

Get properly packed

If packed properly you will save yourself from numerous headaches. First, sort your items vigorously. Don't be afraid to give away or outright throw away all the things that you are not going to need. You will be sharing a room with another person and space is always going to be a problem. Also, you are going to college in order to take the next step in life and you should try to unburden yourself from the past as much as possible. Pack only what is necessary. If you are not sure whether something is necessary or not, it probably isn't. Apart from everyday items, you won't need much more.Everything that you pack you will move. And the more things you have to move, the more money you are going to spend on moving them. So there is even a financial reason why you should pack light. When you decide on what you want to move, make sure that you pack and label your boxes properly. You will probably have strangers help you transfer your stuff from your car or truck to your dorm room, so make sure that it is clearly visible on your box who owns it and what is inside. Especially mark if anything is fragile or heavy. Pack them safely and tightly to decrease the risk of mishandling. You don't want to move to Long Island with broken thins

Organize properly

When it comes to college moving to Long Island you will probably need some help. Sure, the college may provide students to help you unload, but that's it. For moving and storing you will need to hire professional movers. There are ways in which you can find Long Island moving and storage online, but we also recommend checking them out in person or looking for local movers. Your movers will give you an estimate on how much it will cost to move you and how long it will take. You should try and go at least one day before them to your college in Long Island. Just so you can plan your unloading and unpacking once they come. If spending the night at college isn't possible you can try and find affordable hotels on Long Island.


If your move will take substantial time, you may be required to get a storage facility. The price of renting one varies from the time you spend there and the amount of space you require so there is even more incentive to not overburden yourself when college moving to Long Island. If you are concerned about the safety of your stuff you can get informed about safe storage NYC to set your doubts aside.

Using storage for college moving to Long Island

Proper storage is very important when college moving to Long Island

Forming a plan with your movers

Moving is stressful and moving companies are well aware of that. You shouldn't be afraid to ask them about all the segments of the move and their plans. Having a solid moving plan is very important if you want to lower your stress. Inquire about their insurance policies and prices. Talk with a couple of movers so you can get the idea what is fair in today's market. If a mover offers to move you at an alarmingly cheap price, be warned. Scams are known to happen in the moving industry. The most common one is to give you a considerably low estimate and then take your possessions hostage. If something is really cheap you should raise your suspicions. It's often that we end up paying the most for the things that seemed to be the cheapest. You don't want your college moving to Long Island to end with your stuff in some godforsaken storage unit.

Making plans

Making plans is a vital part of moving


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