Cheap moving supplies|Money stacks - which one will go to cheap moving supplies?|Markers and scissors.|Papers, credit card, laptop
Cheap moving supplies|Money stacks - which one will go to cheap moving supplies?|Markers and scissors.|Papers, credit card, laptop
Relocating to NYC
April 27, 2019

Cheap moving supplies - yes or no?

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There are a lot of questions that we get as a moving company. Some of them involve moving costs NYC, or the variety of services we offer. There are people who are moving for the first time and are scared about moving to New York. If you are like any of them, then you probably have a million questions in your head right now. You are thinking about all the things you will need to do for your move. You might be worried about getting an apartment in New York, or just how to get there. Then, you might be thinking about packing. From picking what to take to getting packing materials - there is a lot of decisions to make. One of the toughest is what to do with cheap moving supplies once you find them - should you use it or not? Find out the answer in this article.

Why getting cheap moving supplies creates such a dilemma?

If you are moving for the very first time, then you probably don't know why you should even think whether or not to get cheap moving supplies. This may be an obvious thing for you. The moving process is already costly as it is, so saving some money always comes as an added bonus. When you look at it in such a way, spending as little as you can on moving supplies is a no-brainer.

Money stacks - which one will go to cheap moving supplies?

Decide how you will spend your money.However, there is something you still need to consider. Yes, it is true that the supplies you get will probably only be a one-time investment. After you are done moving, you will either toss them away or donate them to someone - depending on their condition. But, there is a reason why moving supplies go for a different price. This reason is usually their quality. More durable materials will cost you more - and you will be able to reuse them or sell them later. So, should you or should you not get cheap moving supplies?

What are moving supplies?

Someone with less experience might even be confused about what falls under the category of moving supplies. Nowadays, with how much technology has improved, there is a great number of things that you can pick for your move. For starters, just the mere amount of moving boxes you get to pick and choose from can make your head spin. However, if we separate them by groups, then we can get a good list of moving supplies:

  • boxes - these are usually the hot topic of cheap moving supplies debates,
  • bags are similar to boxes, albeit used less frequently,
  • packing tape is always useful, but people often replace it with other tapes,
  • bubble wrap, padding, and similar items for security,
  • labels and markers are an essential part of any move.

Rethinking moving boxes

Now, it does not matter what type of move we are looking at here - you are most likely familiar with boxes. Their versatility is what makes them one of the most utilized items in the moving industry. You will use them for your long-distance move and for your short term storage NYC - and you might even use the same boxes for both! This is why it is very important to think about them when looking into getting some for your upcoming New York move.

Paper or plastic

The two most popular materials the moving boxes are made out of are cardboard and plastic. Both have different purposes, and you will need to think carefully about your move before investing in either. First, cardboard moving boxes are fairly easy to find. These are the items you will run into with easy when searching for cheap moving supplies. You can get them anywhere - at your local store, a restaurant - even online! What's even better is that they come in different shapes and sizes. This is great - because you will need a little bit of everything for your move.

Papers, credit card, laptop

Paper or plastic?The second thing you need to consider about cardboard moving boxes is how sturdy they are. The cheaper ones will, of course, be easy to break - while you will be able to find some expensive and tough ones too! This really depends on what you are moving - and how careful you need to be about the item inside the box. This is where all your China plates, glasses, silverware, and similar items will go. From time to time, you might even be able to store paintings and frames in these boxes as well!On the other hand, you have plastic moving boxes. These are usually more expensive, but this is because they are quite sturdy. What this means is that once you are done with moving, you can use them again for any storage you have. You can also resell them to people who need them, or sometimes stack them for easier keeping. However, the drawback is that these tend to be quite heavy. This is why you will need professional NYC movers to help you carry them around.

Other cheap moving supplies

As you might notice from looking at the list, the boxes making the biggest noise in the debate of how much you will pay for moving supplies. The other things are just as easy to find - although their prices won't wary too much. Plastic bags, for example, are everywhere - and you can use them for your unbreakable items. You can get labels and markers at any hardware store, and it's up to you to decide what type of quality you want for those.

Markers and scissors.

You decide how much you will spend on labeling.The only thing that you might consider when looking at cheap moving supplies is the packing tape. Here, we advise you to pick a higher-quality one. You do not want your boxes to open up during transport, and find an ugly surprise waiting for you when you open the truck. Everything else is up to you, really.


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