Using vacuum cleaner to clean your home|Making a plan to clean your home|Cleaned bathroom|Using vacuum cleaner to clean your home and green carpet
Using vacuum cleaner to clean your home|Making a plan to clean your home|Cleaned bathroom|Using vacuum cleaner to clean your home and green carpet
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September 14, 2019

Can you clean your home in a day?

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Is it possible to clean your home in a day? Well, it probably is, but it heavily depends on the size of your home and the amount of dirt and junk. The one situation where it will be very difficult to clean your home in a day is after you move to a new home. The moving and unpacking process leaves lots of dirt and rubbish, and you need to have a good plan and a few pairs of helping hands if you want to do it in a day. So, after your movers Long Island finish their job, your troubles begin. So to be on top of your game, make a cleaning plan. It will help you be more organized and efficient.

Making a plan to clean your home

Make a plan to clean your home

If you want to clean your home in a day, you will need to make a good plan

The most important part of the cleaning process is planning. The plan is a crucial part of efficient home cleaning. It will help you to be more organized, efficient and it will serve as a good motivation once you start to feel tired. You should make a separate plan for each of your rooms. And one general plan with the list of necessary cleaning supplies, notes, and schedule. Inspect every room separately and take notes about everything that you think will need your attention. Also, think about what cleaning products you will need to remove the dirt successfully. Here is the list of cleaning supplies that you will probably need if you plan to clean your whole home.

Cleaning products to prepare

  • Disinfectant cleaners are necessary when you are cleaning your home after you moved in.
  • Glass cleaning product will be useful for windows and mirrors.
  • Limescale removers are necessary when cleaning a bathroom after someone else used it for years.
  • Floor cleaning products are necessary; just make sure that you use a product suitable for the type of floor you are cleaning. Wooden floors in your living area are very much different from ceramic tiles in your bathroom.
  • Carpet cleaning products are useful when you have a dirty and stained carpet to clean.
  • Liquid stain remover can be used to remove heavy-duty stains from carpets, curtains, or even furniture.
  • Dishwashing liquid can clean just about anything, so make sure that you prepare it.
Using vacuum cleaner to clean your home and green carpet

The vacuum cleaner is the most important tool for cleaning your home

You will also need to prepare items to help you use those products safely and efficiently

  • A broom if the most famous cleaning device and you should have one.
  • A vacuum cleaner will collect everything that your broom missed.
  • Prepare at least three buckets, if you want to clean your home properly.
  • Scrubbing pads are one of the most important things to have when cleaning your home, so make sure that you get lots of them.
  • Get brushes of different sizes for brushing the dirtiest parts of your home. You should even prepare a toothbrush for the most unreachable corners in your bathroom.
  • Microfiber mops and cloths are the most popular types of cleaning products.
  • Telescope dusters can be very useful when you are trying to reach the ceiling
  • Prepare a few plastic scrapers if you need to scrape away something impossible to remove with water and a scrubbing pad.

Start cleaning your home before the movers arrive with your stuff

It would be good if you could clean corners, ceilings, and walls before your interstate movers NYC arrive with your items. That way you will have no trouble getting to parts of your home, which would normally be difficult to reach if your furniture was there. You could even wash the floors, particularly the areas where your beds and closets are going to be. But after your movers leave, and you unpack everything, you will have to do another round of floor cleaning. So concentrate on the parts of the floor that will be covered with furniture.

Remove the moving leftovers if you are cleaning your house after the move

When cleaning you home after you moved in, the first thing you should do is to remove the moving leftovers and junk. If you have lots of moving boxes left from the move, depending on their condition, you can donate them or recycle. In any case, the important part is to remove them from the house as soon as the unpacking is finished. You can also keep them if you want to store some of your items in a storage facility. In that case, disassemble them and put them in a closet or somewhere where they will not be in your way.

Cleaned bathroom

Clean your bathroom last

Think about the order in which you will tackle your rooms when you want to clean your home in a day

After you removed all the moving boxes and papers you can start with the proper cleaning. But, it is important to take one room at a time. If you start running around the house and cleaning without any particular order, soon you will be entangled in a mess from which you will not easily get out. So remember, clean one room at the time. However, you should also think about the order in which you are cleaning your rooms. The best thing to do is to leave the bathroom for the end. You will be constantly using the bathroom to pour water and detergents, so it will be in a mess during the whole operation. And following this advice, you should start cleaning the room that is furthest from the bathroom, and gradually move towards it. That is the fastest and only way to clean your home in a day.

It is possible to clean a home in a day

As you can see cleaning your home in a day, even after the move is very much possible. But you need to have a good plan and you have to stick to it. If you start cleaning even before your local movers NYC arrive, you will have a much easier task later. So, get to work.


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