New York Cityscape|A New York street.|A subway station|A yellow cab trying to commute in Manhattan.
New York Cityscape|A New York street.|A subway station|A yellow cab trying to commute in Manhattan.
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December 4, 2021

Best ways to commute in Manhattan

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If you’ve taken the big step of moving to New York, be prepared for a wonderful adventure. Hiring some relocation companies NYC will help make your relocation easier. When you’re new to NYC, the commute can seem like a terrifying thing. We get it, but it is part of the urban jungle vibe that we all love about New York. Plus, you’ll get used to it faster than you might think. In this fast-paced city, changing your habits quickly will go a long way. Before you know it, you’ll start using the subway and stealing cabs like a true New York resident. So, here’s some tips to help you commute in Manhattan.

A New York street.

There are many challenges of commuting in Manhattan.

A true New Yorker's way to commute in Manhattan

There are many ways to commute in Manhattan. However, if you want to get somewhere as fast as possible, you will have to plan out your commute in advance. As not all of the ways of transit are of equal speed.


In most cases, the subway will always bethe best and most efficient option to get somewhere during peak hours. So, if you find that you’ll be using the subway every day, getting an unlimited monthly MetroCard is the best bang for your buck. As you can imagine, the most efficient way is also going to be the most crowded way. Even if you get to your subway stop on time, there is a good chance that you will be late anyway.On most mornings, you might have to wait for three or four trains to pass before you can board, due to the huge number of people commuting. During the Holiday season, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, the crowding problem is doubled. So, bring your favorite book, podcast or load up your longest music playlist and practice patience, because you will definitely need it. However, if you avoid those peak hours, the subway will definitely be the fastest way to get around Manhattan.

Grab a Cab

Everyone knows the iconic NYC yellow cabs, and they are a very popular way of getting around the city. New York cabs are the only vehicle allowed to pick up passengers via street hails. They will show if they are available by shining their yellow light. The catch is that you’re never the only person looking for a cab. Sometimes, you will have to show some teeth to catch one, due to the common practice of cab stealing. If you are too nice of a person, you’ll be forced to walk home a lot of the time. The key in catching a New York cab is persistence.


It is fairly well-known that having a car in Manhattan is crazy. The competition for the worst Manhattan neighborhood for parking is a contentious and close one. That’s why Uber has been such a success. For those who commute in Manhattan daily, Uber has very cheap prices. Especially anywhere below 125th Street. Prices usually start very low, about the same as a subway ticket, and don’t increase much. Depending on where, and how much time you have, UberPOOL is one of the best options. If you want a cheap ride and are not in a rush, Uber probably is the best way to commute in Manhattan. Especially during workday mornings.

A subway station

The subway is probably the best way to commute in Manhattan.


If you’re more of a sporty type, renting a Citi Bike will help you get around immensely. It’s great due to the easy storage of the bikes — just leave it at one of their stations. There’s also an annual membership, which is really affordable, and allows you to access bikes on any station in Queens, Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Manhattan. In addition, the first 45 minutes of the bike are free. That also allows you to somewhat game the system. If you plan out your routes and drive fast enough, you can switch out bikes at stations before you hit the 45-minute mark. This will technically allow you to ride for free all day.


If you want to visit Brooklyn or Staten Island, you’ll probably do that via a ferry. It’s a less crowded and quite beautiful form of transport. New York launched new ferry routes in the last couple of years. So, now more than ever the ferry is a viable mode of transportation when you want to commute in Manhattan.

Your Legs

Walking is incredibly healthy, you know? Luckily for you, NYC is one of the most walkable places on the planet. Depending on where you’re going, of course. True New Yorkers don’t have the patience for most public transport. So, put on our running shoes and start walking. In addition, one hour of walking a day is an immense boon to your health.


The City of New York operates a fleet of around 6000 buses. These buses are spread out over more than 320 routes. That means that there is almost zero chance of not being able to get by bus somewhere. There are two types of buses in NYC — express and local. Express routes tend to have fewer stops and focus on routes from the busier areas of Manhattan to the outskirts. Local routes on the other hand can vary wildly. Buses stop only at bus stops, which tend to be located a couple of blocks apart. Depending on the traffic congestion, this can be a very efficient method to commute in Manhattan.

Moving to Manhattan

As you can imagine, moving by yourself to Manhattan is a risky undertaking. Even if you have the capacity to move all of your possessions, parking in Manhattan is a nightmare. Especially if you’re not a native. That’s why there are professional Manhattan movers that can handle all of the local challenges.

A yellow cab trying to commute in Manhattan.

Cabs are a great alternative.


Hopefully, this article helped you learn how to commute in Manhattan. We know that traveling around Manhattan can be quite a nightmare. That’s one of the reasons that movers offer moving insurance NYC. New York is quite a tough city to get used to, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. After all, that’s why we love it so much.


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