|||Ways to commute in New York is by a yellow cab
|||Ways to commute in New York is by a yellow cab
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July 2, 2018

Best ways to commute in New York

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Best ways to commute in New York City, better say "how to survive a commute in NYC". Joking aside, getting around New York can become difficult at times. Getting to your workplace in downtown is expensive if you are using cabs or even more so if you are driving yourself. That's literally impossible especially in NYC dubbed "the city that hates cars". New York subway is the usual choice in spite of its rat infestation, or you can spite the weather and ride a bike to work. If you consult local moving experts NYC, they would tell you to steer clear from the forever busy traffic. Whatever the case is, let's try and find the best ways to commute in New York!

Using your two feet-one of the ways to commute in New York

This is always a good idea when it comes to Manhattan, for example. NYC is mostly flat, perfect for strolling and exploring. Walking is definitely the best way to experience NYC, one of the greatest cities in the world. Most of Manhattan and neighboring areas are mapped out on an easily navigable grid system of uptown/downtown numbered streets intersecting with crosstown streets. Therefore, you'll easily get around without much confusion. Do we have to mention this is the cheapest way of commute in New York!

Ways to commute in New York

This is the cheapest way of transportation in New YorkHere's some more useful advice to aid you during your walking commute:

  • Manhattan is divided into East Side and West Side by Fifth Avenue.
  • Avenues run north and south while streets run east and west.
  • Building numbers on streets change from East to West at 5th Ave.
  • You are able to estimate your walking time by knowing your walking pace per block. If you perfect this skill you'll be able to estimate the exact time you will need to get somewhere and if you will need some other way of transportation.
  • New Yorkers have a set of rules designed for sidewalks, follow it closely to avoid aggravating a New Yorker!

The bicycle as a means of transportation

This is an obvious step-up from the "two feet" method. Bikes are gaining popularity due to the increased number of bike lanes and an eco-minded mentality. The goal is to rely less on public transport and travel by bicycle. The Big Apple is becoming more and more bicycle friendly. Best of all is that NYC has numerous rental shops and you should definitely look into this means of transportation. We think this is one of the best ways to commute in New York, especially if you love doing it. Maybe it won't turn out so good for the busy downtown avenues, but it's a good idea for exploring the Central Park or Riverside Park. A downside to bicycles is the not so perfect weather conditions, which leave you able to ride only during summer months.

ways to commute in New York

Doesn't look too safe but it is eco-friendly.

New York City buses

Not a lot of New Yorkers use buses, some of them never even set their foot on to one. Why is that? Bus as one of the ways to commute in New York is actually pretty neat. NYC has a wonderful bus system and it would be a shame not to benefit from it. Most times, buses are used to supplement subway transits. On the other hand, buses are better than underground metro due to the fact they are above ground, allowing site-seeing. Anyone can access detailed information at the MTA's website. Some more useful information concerning NYC buses:

  • Metro Card can be used on buses too
  • The ticket is $2.75, you can pay with exact amount in coinage
  • Bus stops are placed evenly every two blocks and are recognizable by signs or bus shelters
  • Numerous phone apps provide assistance and information for bus rides

Yellow Cabs and Uber

Yellow cabs became a symbol of New York in its own right. You can't avoid thinking about a busy NYC street without imagining a line of yellow cabs. This means of transportation is so iconic that widely portraits in pop culture. Just do what you saw in countless movies. Hail a cab from the side of a street and look like you are really in a rush. If you don't have any experience, driving in NYC can be more than daunting. It can be outright dangerous. Therefore, we don't recommend this way of transport for first-time visitors or people who just moved here. Try compensating with cabs and Uber or Lyft rides instead. For most people in NYC, regular usage of cabs is very expensive. If you agree with this statement, maybe you should look into using subway instead.

Ways to commute in New York is by a yellow cab

You know this one from TV shows!

Drum roll-The NYC Subway

NYC subway is iconic as much as the yellow cab if not even more. All of us saw a TV show or two depicting this famous means of transportation in NYC. The dirty, rat-infested subway, so important in every New Yorker's life. It is such a useful way to commute in New York, you just need to know how it works to be able to reap the benefits. It may look confusing when looking at a map of the subway, but as long as you know where you are going before going in-you will be fine. Learn how to use it and you will acquire a new skill in life and many memorable experiences along with it. If you have a smartphone, the subway will become an easy endeavor if you use one of the numerous free apps you can find online.If you are planning to move to New York City in the near future, please contact our moving offices in NYC for a free quote. We know a thing or two about relocation in NYC and would love to assist you in any way. In the meantime feel free to prepare for your new life in the Big Apple by reading through our blog posts. The best ways to commute in New York is really an important topic here and if you do it right you can save a lot of money in the process.


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