One of the best perks of family neighborhoods is the amount of parks and playgrounds!|One of the best NYC neighborhoods for families is in Brooklyn.|Best neighborhoods for families will be hosts to many plagrounds for kids.
One of the best perks of family neighborhoods is the amount of parks and playgrounds!|One of the best NYC neighborhoods for families is in Brooklyn.|Best neighborhoods for families will be hosts to many plagrounds for kids.
Relocating to NYC
February 28, 2018

Best NYC neighborhoods for families

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We'd like to kick off this one with congratulations! You're about to tackle the most challenging, yet most rewarding part of your life - starting a family. We are ever so happy to hear that! However, as mentioned before, this is one very difficult step. This is why we would like to take at least 1% of the challenge and help you out! How? By providing you with a list of NYC neighborhoods for families! If you're considering to move to NYC make sure to check out NYC moving companies! These will be selected based on several criteria, gathered both from external sources as well as people who've already done such a thing. You want safety, you want low cost of living and you want overall access to schools, healthcare and such. Hopefully, this list might give you ideas you'd normally not think off. Either way, we wish you the best of luck!

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The first thing that will usually come to mind when someone mentions Williamsburg are the suspenders and ironic beards. However, this place is a pretty epic choice for families. There are numerous events that are ever so pleasing for kids such as Smorgasburg, as well as numerous awesome play spaces (PLAY, Twinkle, etc.). It is also covered by G and L train stops spread all around.

One of the best NYC neighborhoods for families is in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, with its tradition and sense of community, is the perfect place for a family!The number of public playgrounds is nothing short of amazing. Your kids will have numerous places to roam and go wild while being super safe. There are also some epic places where you can enjoy yourself with your kids, such as the Brooklyn Bowl offering the so-called family bowl from noon to 6 pm.Also, once the kids are ready to sleep and the babysitter has arrived, there are places where moms and dads can enjoy a little romance. Be it a dinner or a night out, W'burg will have you covered for both.And... Don't forget Peter Luger... Very important.

Battery Park City

This place is epic. It is crowded with gorgeous green parks (Battery Park, West Thames Park, Robert Wagner Jr. Park, etc.) and amazing running esplanade to accommodate busy moms and dads. Its one of those places that, as soon as you set foot in it, feels like home.Kids will have where to learn how to ride their bikes without any chance of harm coming to them from an intersection. It may sound silly but this is very rare and hard to have in a city. There is also a Museum of Jewish Heritage, The Battery Urban Farm, and the Brookfield Place. This means that there will be countless places to see and do stuff in while having your kids learn some very valuable things. Battery Park City also has its Marina, which is an incredible perk.

One of the best perks of family neighborhoods is the amount of parks and playgrounds!

Battery Park is stunning.But, one of the things that made it land on the list of best NYC neighborhoods for families is the amount of safety it provides. Not only safety from being mugged or hit by a car, but also fresh air and green environment.

Upper West Side

If you glance over from the 59th all the way to 110th you will notice one very important thing - strollers rule this valley. And it is a glorious sight to see. The majority of the population owns a stroller and this is gorgeous to behold. The streets between Central Park and Riverside Park are the ones owned by this neighborhood. It is easy for you to realize just why this place has reached the list of best NYC neighborhoods for families.It consists of very elegant prewar buildings, covered with numerous iconic institutions that are all going to be within walking distance. Such institutions are the American Museum of Natural History, the DiMenna Children's History Museum, Symphony Space and so forth. All in all, there will be countless things you can see and take your kids to see.The schools in the area are amazing and the subway access it impeccable. It seems like every single block and street has something to keep the kids entertained and occupied. There are libraries, theaters, numerous family restaurants, and amazing shops. A goldmine for kids! Definitely a top choice for one of the best NYC neighborhoods for families.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Another Brooklyn contender. And why not, Brooklyn is amazing! If you were to hop on the R train and go all the way to the last station you will be able to find yourself in Bay Ridge. This history-rich neighborhood is one of the most iconic places, playing a vital role in the Brooklyn identity.There are families who have been here for a very long time, seen it change countless times. They have the unique talent to make newcomers feel like they belong. They are able to have anyone, from any culture and walks of life feel welcome. And this is the incredible sense of community Brooklyn takes a lot of pride in. And why shouldn't they?Renting and buying property in Bay Ridge costs almost half as less when compared to the other boroughs. It also takes pride in no less than 20 high performing schools. Local trains, as well as the express ones, provide a very easy way to access Manhattan.

Best NYC Neighborhoods for Families - Lower East Side

And we would like to introduce our winner and top choice - Lower East Side. The first thing that comes to mind is the term nightlife, but you'd be surprised just how many families call this place home. It is far more dedicated to such families than it is to youngsters seeking a good time.

Best neighborhoods for families will be hosts to many plagrounds for kids.

Playgrounds, everywhere!This place is packed with high achieving schools and is a home to a very tight community of active parents. This means that you will have a chance to be a part of it! There are numerous affordable, family-friendly apartments in the area, be it for rent or for buying. Also, the Tenement Museum, Hester Street Fair, countless playgrounds and the NYPL branches will keep you busy throughout the week! Besides, there are very few things that beat spending a day with your family in the East River Park.We hope this helped reach your decision. We wish you the best of luck, and if local movers NYC can help, we're at your disposal!


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