a street - Best neighborhoods in Westchester||people laughing - Best neighborhoods in Westchester|manhattan|a worker
a street - Best neighborhoods in Westchester||people laughing - Best neighborhoods in Westchester|manhattan|a worker
New York CIty housing
July 14, 2020

Best neighborhoods in Westchester

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Picking a place where you want to relocate is difficult. The USA is one of the biggest countries in the world and there are a lot of places where you can try your luck. But how to pick? Westchester is a county that is growing every year. A lot of people decide to relocate there and try to find their luck. On the other hand, before you call your Westchester movers and hire them, you need to decide where exactly your future home will be. You need to find out about the best neighborhoods in Westchester. After that, you can easily decide about your future living place!

Best neighborhoods in Westchester - pick the best place for living

Westchester is located in New York state. We all know that this state is usually in a good position when it comes to jobs, economy, culture, etc. That means that you will have a wide specter of things that you can do and hope for you and your family. Which places should you consider when picking the place in Westchester?

  • Ardsley
  • Bronxville
  • Greenburgh
  • Croton-On-Hudson
  • White Plains


There are not that many big cities when it comes to Westchester. But the good thing is that even smaller places in the USA have good conditions for living and making a career. Ardsley represents a village with about 4.500 residents. Even though it is small when we compare it with NYC, it is far from a place where you can't live. It is a middle ground between huge cities where you are always surrounded by people and places where you do not have neighbors nearby. Everything that you need is located near you and anytime you feel that you need a little time alone, you can always find it. Smaller places usually have very content and friendly people and that is why living in Westchester is easy.

people laughing - Best neighborhoods in Westchester

Friendly people are all around you in Ardsley


One of the best neighborhoods in Westchester is definitely Bronxville. Even though it has around 6.000 residents living there, most of them know each other and help each other. There is one particular thing that makes this village stand out. It is only 15 miles away from Manhattan. Therefore, you get a lot if you choose Bronxville as your future place of living. If you are kind of a person that likes to have privacy and the ability to relax and enjoy nature but still loving to work in a fully crowded environment, then Bronxville is for you. You can easily have a job in NYC and still enjoy the quiet time.


Close to Manhattan but still far enough!


If you want to live in a bigger place but do not want to have the problem of getting into a lot of people every day, then the town of Greenburgh is the right choice for you. It has around 90.000 residents and therefore represents a perfect choice for anyone who loves to live in a friendly environment. It contains six villages and one of them is Ardsley. That means that you can very easily make your mind and pick either one of them since they are practically in the same place. Of course, living in a bigger place can bring you better job opportunities and for living too. When it comes to fun activities in Greenburgh, you will be pleased to hear that there are a lot of restaurants, bars and other places where you can come and relax after a hard day of working.


When it comes to great neighborhoods in Westchester, we can't go without mentioning Croton-On-Hudson. The great thing about this place is that it is a part of NYC northern suburbs. Of course, you will still need a lot of time to get through NYC due to traffic but you are still part of it. Also, when it comes to moving here, it can't be easier. You can just call Capital City Movers NYC to help you relocate. Local relocations are usually much easier and therefore you will pay less. Also, since you are practically in NYC, it is very easy for you to continue working there without having to pay for high NYC rents.

White Plains

Another great town for you to pick. With around 60.000 residents, you can expect to have a very similar life as in NYC. That should not be a surprise if we consider that it is actually an inner suburb of NYC. That means that you have everything you need from NYC and you can avoid things that you do not like. The most important thing is that White Plains was ranked third on the top 10 list of best places to live in New York. That means that you can expect to have a high quality of life and good conditions to live and work!

Moving to Westchester

Relocating here is not a problem. Of course, if you do it right! Even if it is a local relocation, a lot of things can happen if you are not careful enough. You need to learn a couple of safety tips when moving so that you could do it even on your own. After all, safety is the most important aspect of every move, even above your items. Nothing should be more important. Of course, if you are not feeling that you can pull it off by yourself, you should always consider hiring a moving company that will do that job for you. After all, they have enough knowledge and experience to do this and you can have time to think about other stuff.

a worker

If you want to relax during the move, you can always hire movers to do the job


It is very subjective to talk about the best neighborhoods in Westchester. You can't always turn off your feelings towards some place or person. On the other hand, we wanted to be as objective as possible. This way, you can have enough information to decide where you want to relocate. There are a lot of great choices and we hope that you will be happy wherever you choose to move.


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