wrong sign - packing mistakes when moving to NYC|hourglass - packing mistakes when moving to NYC|a calendar|a garbage can
wrong sign - packing mistakes when moving to NYC|hourglass - packing mistakes when moving to NYC|a calendar|a garbage can
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March 24, 2020

Avoid packing mistakes when moving to NYC

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People usually do not like packing for the move. There are various reasons for that. First off, it can consume a lot of time and it gets pretty boring over time. Secondly, it can be quite hard if you do not know how to pack properly for the relocation to NYC. Packing mistakes are common but they can cost you a lot. In order to avoid packing mistakes when moving to NYC, find out what those are and what are the most important stages of packing.

How to avoid packing mistakes when moving to NYC?

In order to avoid mistakes when packing for NYC relocation, you have to learn them first. There are a lot of them, but some are just more important. It is not that important if you mix similar items but it is crucial that you protect fragile items. The most common mistakes are:

  • Not starting on time
  • Lack of planning
  • Not having enough packing supplies
  • Wrong moving supplies
  • Having too much clutter
  • Not following safety measures

Not starting on time

This is probably the biggest mistake that you can make. Everything else is also important but if you do not have enough time, you have a big problem. Even though this is a static activity, it can consume a lot of time. The bigger the household, the more time you are going to need. In order to avoid this moving disaster when relocating to NYC, be sure to leave enough time for you and your family to get packed. There is one more advice that we would like to share. You probably can pack in one day if you do not have a big house. However, it is better to have some spare time than to have to rush in order to finish everything.

hourglass - packing mistakes when moving to NYC

Stop procrastinating and start the packing process on time

Lack of planning

Even though packing seems like an easy job to do, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. The key here is to give yourself some time and plan the packing process. It should not take too much of your time so there is no official reason for you to avoid doing this. Planning the packing process includes making a list of how to manage it. We have already said that you do not have to pack everything for a day. Take several days and pack a different room each day. This way you will have some kind of order that you can follow and be safe.

a calendar

You do not have to pack in one day. Distribute packing over several days

Not having enough packing supplies

Packing supplies are essential for any packing process. You can't do anything without them so be sure to secure them on time. Even though you can probably find them in the last moment possible since there are a lot of places to find packing supplies. On the other hand, it is not a solution because you can always forget something.Besides procrastination, not getting enough packing supplies is the next big mistake. You may not use them immediately so you may leave them for the final moment to pack. There is nothing that you can do if you realize that you do not have enough packing supplies. Packing mistakes when moving to NYC are quite common, but it would be a shame to have a problem over something like this.

Wrong moving supplies

Besides not getting the right amount, getting the wrong types of moving supplies is just as bad thing to do. There are a lot of types of relocations so you may not need the same moving supplies as everybody else. If you are transporting a lot of fragile items, besides packing boxes NYC, you need a lot of plastic wraps so that you can protect them properly. On the other part of the spectrum, if you have a lot of clothes, you may need wardrobe moving boxes, especially for that occasion. You get the point. In order to get proper moving supplies, you should talk with your movers and check what they recommend.

Having too much clutter

Decluttering and packing go hand in hand. Some people usually avoid decluttering when moving. The reasons are simple. Doing one boring thing is bad, doing two is too much. On the other hand, decluttering before moving day is very useful. You can save some money on moving supplies and you can decrease the number of things that you have to pack. That means less time that you have to spend on packing.

three garbage cans

Declutter and throw away things that you do not needThe bad side of avoiding to declutter before packing is the chaos. You probably have more things, clothes, cups that you actually need. You know that you will not use them, but still you pack them anyway. It can create a lot of stress and chaos in your head even though it does not seem like it. Declutter before packing and avoid this packing error when moving to NYC.

Not following safety measures

We have already said that it is very important to secure some things. There are a lot of ways on how your belongings can break. Hiring clumsy movers is one way to break your items, transport is another, etc. In order to place the destiny in your hands, you have to take responsibility and secure your belongings in the best way possible. Using proper packing materials should be enough to be safe. Plastic bins are one very good alternative since they are much more durable than regular moving boxes. Also, they are harder to break so your belongings should be safe there. Of course, everything depends on the type of move and your personal preferences.


It's easy to avoid packing mistakes when moving to NYC when you know what to watch out for! We are glad that we have helped you learn about the most common errors and we hope that you will become the master of packing just in time for your relocation to NYC!


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