auto transport NYC|your car|car insurance|your car|delays|mechanic
auto transport NYC|your car|car insurance|your car|delays|mechanic
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January 28, 2018

Auto Transport NYC tips and tricks

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Long distance moving isn’t always as fun as it seems. You have to take care of million different things before the moving day. Sometimes even then the move doesn’t go smoothly. Besides all the hustle of hiring a reliable moving company NYC to move all of your things, you also have to organize auto transport NYC for your vehicle. Before renting a moving truck, make sure to review all the options and know all about moving quotes and estimates NYC. Moving your car is an expensive part of the move. Following these few auto transport NYC tips, moving you can be easy and stress-free.

Top priority-insurance for auto transport NYC

car insurance

Before you hire an auto transport company in NYC, make sure to check the company’s liability and cargo insurance.When you plan your auto transport the first and the most important thing is insurance. Before you hire an auto transport company in NYC, make sure to check the company’s liability and cargo insurance. All reliable car moving companies NYC will share with you all the information about the company. Also, all legitimate car shipping companies should be willing to show the documentation. In this case, those documents are proof that the company is verified and insured. In a possible event of an accident, you should be able to make your insurance claim. Before hiring long-distance moving company NYC you should contact your own insurance company and ask if your insurance covers a buffer for you in case something goes wrong.

Prepare your car

One of the most important tips when relocating your car is to prepare it for the auto transport NYC properly. Long-distance moves shouldn’t affect your car, but in case something happens you should be aware. Before transporting your can, make sure you prepare for moving to New York. The best way to prepare your vehicle for the long ride ahead is to follow few simple steps-

your car

Washing and detailing your vehicle is a crucial step when you want to make sure your car is set for the move.

  • Wash your car – Washing and detailing your vehicle is a crucial step when you want to make sure your car is set for the move. After your favorite vehicle is clean you will be able to see all the scratches and dings on the body is there are any. Checking the interior is also important. Any wear or tear on upholstery may be relevant. Keep it exactly as is and take pictures. Having pictures of the whole vehicle, the interior, and the exterior is important for the insurance and for you. With pictures as proof, you can say if anything is damaged after the move.
  • Clean everything – before sending off your car make sure you clean all the insides. Any after-market products that your vehicle might have should be safely stored and packed with your other belongings. All the customized accessories like under/carriage lights, spoiler kits or skirts should be removed from the car before the shipping. If you forget them, they may cause damage while your car is shipped to a new location.
  • "Clean bill of health for traveling" - Your auto transport NYC cannot start if your car is not properly checked. The most important tip is to check your car before shipping. The trustworthy mechanic should check your car and make sure your car is in the good shape to travel. A mechanic should check your fluids, brakes and every other aspect of maintenance. If there are any problems, your mechanic should take care of those before the car is ready for auto-transport NYC. Keep in mind that some moving companies charge extra if they transfer a car that is not fully functional.
  • Check other retailers before auto-transport NYC – Besides functionality, your car shouldn’t have any fluid leaks. If you happen to have any leaks and you don’t have time to repair those, don’t keep it to yourself. Make sure to let the shipping company know if you have any fluid leaks. That way they will avoid your leakage to affect or damage any other transported car.
  • Before you drop off your car at the shipping company make sure your tires are fully inflated. also, make sure you don’t top off your gasoline tank. Most NYC shipping and auto transport companies prefer that you leave your gasoline quarter of a tank full of gas.
your car
  • Before you ship your car check the whole car for any possible scratches.

One more details that you should check when preparing your car for a move, is to make sure all the windows are closed and secured. If you have a convertible top, make sure that he is also closed.

  • Turn off your alarm – To prepare your car for the NYC move, disable all the car alarms. Transportation companies should have a way to turn off the alarm in case it goes off during the move. That is why you should provide them with your alarm remote control. On the other hand, your car moving company NYC should also have a key or a remote for automatic starting your car before the shipping.
  • What should you do if delay happens?- If your car hasn’t arrived when it was scheduled to, be patient. professional car transport companies NYC tend to honor all their deals and get your vehicle to your new location on time. But sometimes bad weather conditions like heavy rain, for or intense snowfall can cause the truck drivers to delay their shipment. If this happens professionals advise not to panic and contact your car moving professionals NYC to see what is causing the delay and to check the new arrival date of your vehicle.

Check the car for the pickup!


If your car hasn’t arrived when it was scheduled to, be patient.When your car arrives to check the interior and the exterior of the photos you have. If something is damaged not the way you expected you should file the insurance claim. If that happens make sure to have pictures and the accident report for the insurance company.Before you sign the contract with the company:

  • Check the company's insurance
  • Have a professional check of your car
  • Wash your vehicle
  • Take pictures before auto transport NYC
  • Be patient if any delays happen
  • Check your car for damage at the pickup


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