Upgrades for your NYC home|Color pallete|Organizers - affordable upgrades for your NYC home|Old bike
Upgrades for your NYC home|Color pallete|Organizers - affordable upgrades for your NYC home|Old bike
New York CIty housing
September 16, 2020

Affordable upgrades for your NYC home

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So you have moved with one of the moving companies NYC to your new home. But, you don't like the interior that much, you would like to change something. Now that you've made the decision to start repairing, it's time to start thinking about what you want to attack first, and your budget is probably the biggest concern. Don't let it be! We have 10 upgrades for your NYC home that will modernize it and fit any budget.

Here are some upgrades for your NYC home everyone can afford

1. Paint the walls

When you first looked at your home with your real estate agent, you may have mocked the previous owner's choice of the wall color. Your real estate agents have probably told you that it doesn't really matter and all you have to do is change it. What is currently on your walls will determine the time, effort, and cost of changing it. If your walls have old wallpaper or borders on them, it will take a little longer than just applying a primer and using a paint roller.

Color pallete

Probably the most important thing is to choose the right colors for your homeWhen choosing new wall paint, talk to a paint specialist at your home improvement store or your paint contractor. They will help you decide which finish best suits your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that the color of the sample chip will be much brighter when you place it on a much bigger wall!

2. Don't change cabinets, but remodel them

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets account for 20-40% of the renovation budget, so more and more people are turning to household repairs rather than replacement. As long as your frames and doors are in good condition, you should be able to remove your current trim, sandpaper them, add a primer, and then paint or stain. Adding new fixtures like handles and hinges to your newly refurbished cabinets are two great affordable upgrades for your NYC home.

3. Add crown molding

Yes, crown molding can be expensive, but there are now more affordable options that don't require buying a miter saw. You can now add that kind of charm and elegance (and still add value to your home) by using a more modern version. Many manufacturers now make crown moldings look like lightweight polystyrene foam covered with hard plaster.

4. Restore your floor

You can restore your floor to its original shine by re-painting it, or completely renew your floor with a new color stain. If you don't like brown floors, paint them a different color. White, gray, and black floors are a popular and modern way to update an old look. Be sure to tell a paint professional that you are using it for your floors because they will give you some finishing and preparation tips that you will want to hear.

5. Get rid of the clutter with the organizers

Space organizers are a quick way to update your home decor while cleaning up the clutter, and they're not just suitable for closets. Add storage to your front entry so you always have a handy spot for shoes, coats, and hats. Use the same idea for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and living rooms and you have a new clutter-free look. To add some glare, use systems with bamboo or wood trim. But, if you don't have room to put an organizer, you can always leave your extra items in Westchester storage.

Organizers - affordable upgrades for your NYC home

Even the small table organizers can be great upgrades for your NYC home

6. Upgrade your lighting

Changing lighting fixtures and bulbs can completely change a room's environment. You don't have to go modern; vintage lighting is a great way to add charm. Replace fluorescent lights in your kitchen or bathroom with LED lights, remove the original living room ceiling light and replace it with a lighted ceiling fan, or add floor or table lamps to bedrooms. This small change can make a huge difference.

7. Give your faucets a new look

The quickest and cheapest way to tidy up your kitchen or bathroom is to replace the faucets. Some faucets can be expensive, but there are usually similar options for a lower price tag. You can find a modern faucet that may even have water-saving features for under $150 per faucet. The cost may increase depending on the number of sinks in your home. But adding a few faucets is still cheaper and much less messy than a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel.

8. Install backsplash

If the custom tiles are beyond your DIY range and budget, there are other options you can do for just a few dollars. Backsplashes give your walls behind the stove and sink a classic white look. You can also use adhesive tile to create your own unique pattern, or adhesive tin tile to really make your backsplash stand out.

9. Make your exterior more appealing

Now that we have explored the interior of your home, let's give the exterior some love. Paint your front door a fun accent color, add a new lighting fixture or a unique house number. Adding a large potted plant to your porch can also be an inexpensive upgrade for your NYC home.While we're on the subject ...

10. Go green

Even if you are not a green thumb, you can make small additions in your front yard that really grab attention. Adding vivid perennial flowers around mature trees, lamp posts, or mailboxes will make your property pop. Or add a touch of grace by planting sturdy plants along the front walkway.

Old bike

Complete your front yard design by adding some unusual items, such as an old bike

Home improvement doesn't have to be scary

When you enter your new place and think about all the things you would like to change, it can be overwhelming. But, with little organization, it does not have to be that way. Hopefully, these ideas for affordable upgrades for your NYC home will help you make your new house feel like home. All you need is a little imagination and time to settle everything.


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