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December 4, 2017

Advantages of moving to Queens

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Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City and it's located very close to them. When it comes to moving to Queens, you’ll have a wide range of exciting attractions and destinations nearby. You’ll be using the highly developed subway and bus system to travel all over the New York City. Just take advantage of these excellent transportation systems. You’re just a short ride away from world famous destinations. Those are: Rockefeller Center, the Time’s Square, Statue of Liberty, and Chinatown. If you want to leave New York City, it’s also a good idea to take a ferry to New Jersey. It is not an easy task to decide where to live in NYC. However, you will see that there are many advantages of moving to Queens. You won’t regret your choice to move to one of the most exciting cities in the world, whether you want to stay for a few years or the rest of your life.

advantages of moving to Queens

One of the advantages of moving to Queens is that you can find an affordable moving company to manage your moveIf you are looking for trustworthy movers NYC to make your move to Queens smoother, you can ask your friends or relatives for recommendations.When you are hiring a professional company for your move to Queens, you’ll be able to focus on planning well your relocation. Fortunately, you won't have to carry large boxes around. Also, you won’t have to worry about moving heavy furniture into your new Queens home. You will save a lot of time by allowing moving professionals to manage the move. Moving home is definitely a complex process. That is why you need a trained team for every type of Queens relocating you require, local or long distance relocation NYC. What you need are well skilled and trained professionals to move and store your personal items with ultimate care.

Queens is an excellent and affordable NYC neighborhood

In Queens, the median home value has increased by 15.4% in the past year. The value of houses is predicted to increase another 5.6% in the next year. At the moment, the median home price is $510,000. And the median price per square foot is $481 right now. However, this is a better deal than you’ll get in other areas of New York City. In other parts of the city, the median price per square foot is all the way up to $883. Because of this, Queens is a great choice for people who want to save money but still live in an excellent neighborhood.

Places of interest in Queens

Flushing Meadows

Flushing Meadows is one of the attractions of QueensEveryday life in NYC has always been interesting. One of the advantages of moving to Queens is that you will be able to visit the astonishing Flushing Meadows and see the relics from World’s Fairs. If you are located in or very close to Astoria, you must know that this is a home to many world-class restaurants and bars. Cunningham Park and Juniper Valley Park are very nice parks that offer a unique escape from city life. Living in Queens will give you something to do at every hour, whether you want a calm afternoon walk through the park or a crazy time in a night bar.

Queens Botanical Garden

Nothing represents a more patience escape from the bustle of the city than a relaxing botanical garden getaway. At the Queens Botanical Garden, there are 39 acres to explore. You can catch a live musical performance or art show, volunteer at the on-site farm, join a free bird-watching tour, or simply admire the many spaces open to the public, including the Meadow, Rose Garden, and the Fragrance Walk.

Afrikan Poetry Theatre

For Thirty-four years The Afrikan Poetry Theatre recognizes that their experience has had a very broad worldwide African community outreach. This was in the true spirit of Pan Africanism. They have continued that legacy that came out from that era in the 1960’s, an independence movement on the continent of Africa and a resurgence of an African identity in the Americas.

Alley Pond Park

In Alley Pond Park is The Douglaston Estate Windmill

The Douglaston Estate Windmill is located in Alley Pond ParkAlley Pond Park is more than 655 acres of:

  • Trees
  • Water marshes
  • Meadows
  • Hills
  • Trails

This is one of the many advantages of moving to Queens. Alley Pond Park is located in a terminal moraine that was formed by a glacier and features kettle ponds. These were formed by melting ice and natural springs. It is located near the Long Island Expressway. In the spring, pollen fills the air, and flowers bloom everywhere. And in the summer, salamanders, and frogs sun themselves on rocks in the ponds and tree branches. In the fall, birds of all feathers pass through. And, finally, in the winter, you can find raccoon tracks in the snow.

Top advantages of moving to Queens

Queens has a booming scene throughout a variety of neighborhoods, amazing food, and of course, the one and only Mets. This is the royalty borough of NYC. Find out everything there is to know about it.

Queens Has Jazz In Its Blood

Queens was monumental in the 1940s jazz scene. It was producing greats like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald who moved to Queens to escape the segregation prominent elsewhere in New York. You can take a guided tour of the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Corona. Also, you can explore why Armstrong spent three decades of his life here.

Find Chinatown

Not only is Flushing filled with some of Queens’ best attractions. It has also become a Chinatown mecca. The Chinese-immigrant population here surpassed Manhattan's Chinatown years ago. They were about two-thirds of the foreign-born residents coming from Asia. You should come here for authentic Asian cuisine, ancient herbal remedies, and the vast Hong Kong Supermarket.

Queens is a better deal than you think

Just because Queens doesn’t get the spotlight in the same way as Manhattan doesn’t make it smaller. The county is the second largest county in New York State by population. Think of it like this: If the New York City boroughs were independent cities, Queens would be the fourth most populated city behind Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn. Also, it’s the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Its residents are representing over 100 nations and speaking over 138 languages.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Ce3Hx3V4Q


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