Relocating to NYC
September 8, 2020

A detailed college move checklist

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Relocation may seem to be all about packing and unpacking, with exhausting transportation from one place to another. That is why you need a college move checklist that works. Before we even start, hiring a reputable moving company is a must. Now let's see what we as an experienced relocation company can advise you on college relocation.

How to make an ultimate college move checklist

When creating a college move checklist, bear in mind that you may also need storage facilities NYC. So before you even start, go to each room separately and sort the things you don't want to pack - kitchen, basement, garage, etc. When the rooms in your home are clean, you will have fewer things to pack. In this way, you will also reduce costs, and there will be a lot less packaging and less money to pay for your relocation.


When creating a college move checklist, bear in mind that you may also need storage facilities in NYC.

What about valuables

Find things that are fragile - they will need special care. If you have antiques, artistically valuable items, paintings, and other valuable items, do not take them to college. The best option would be to hire a professional Long Island storage, where you can store your items. When packing, professionals usually suggest crates. These are wooden boxes, specially designed for the item they will keep. On the other hand, boxes are made according to the type and size of items you need to pack.

Which items to take and which to leave

When creating a college moving list, you can use online template to help you out. Further on, take special care of electronics because they are very valuable. Electronics such as computers, printers, kitchen appliances, TVs, DVDs, etc. should be packed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Again, see which items do you really need and which ones. Another special item to take to college would be a double bed and a mattress. They are difficult to handle for moving because they are large.


If you are a college moving list, you can use an online template to help you out.

What about furniture

Furniture can also be a hard thing to move. There are some pieces that are large or heavy, and cannot be moved in any other way but disassembled. Sometimes people move without furniture, but that is more of an exception to the rule. Do you know how to disassemble and reassemble furniture? If you are unsure or do not do it properly, you can easily damage it. This is why you need a furniture assembly and disassembly service. Also, take care when you pack items that have value for you and that are emotionally important. Small souvenirs and pictures in frames can mean a lot.

To sum up

When making a college relocation list, have in mind that you need to have a plan on who will move your items. The best option for the success of your move would be to count on a professional and reliable moving company.


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