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September 11, 2022

Why location is important when buying a house

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Location, location, location. This subject can get a little tricky when looking at buying a home. Planning is one of the most important things to do when moving to a specific location. There are numerous things to consider depending on your lifestyle and other factors when searching for a perfect home. Thus, this article, discusses why location is important when buying a house.

Whether alone or with a partner, and children, you’ll need to consider everyone’s needs. Choose a location that’s convenient in every aspect when buying a house.

A shopping centre close to your home is convenient

When purchasing a home, the following factors should be considered:


The main thing most of us do when buying a home is to look for convenience in terms of work, school, doctor, etc. We can then agree that people love anything convenient. Life these days is expensive, and having a home close to all the places you frequent and work makes it less overwhelming and can save you some money.

A lot of conveniently located houses are expensive, and that's understandable as you’ll more than likely have easy access to most things like malls, train stations, schools, and many more.

Examples of important convenient places you may need when buying a house:

School-  if you have children, it is best to choose a location that’s close to their school, so you won’t have to travel far to drop them off or a location where the school bus route is.

Mall or shopping center- look for a home close to a shopping center or a mall, so you don't drive to a different city or town to buy groceries and all household needs. Malls are great because they are an “all-in-one”. You can do your shopping, go out for dinner, and entertainment for the whole family.

Work- the closer your workplace is to your house, the better. This means less time on the road and more time to spend with your family which, is always a great idea.

Transportation- when looking for a home, consider public transportation routes and stations, even if you have private ones. You never know when you may need it, so choose a perfect location for this reason. Whether it’s the train station or bus stop. Location is important for easy access to public transportation.


Buying a home in a great location is a great investment. A house in a good location has a higher value compared to ones that are not this may also depend on the type of location, of course. One thing to note is though the house is an investment, it won’t come cheap, so you need to be prepared to pay as houses in good locations are expensive

Buy a home you are happy with that fits all needs regarding location. Another great thing about buying a house in a good location is, that when the time comes, and you decide to sell your house, the value will more likely be higher as most houses appreciate. A house is a great asset and if you find one in a great location, secure it!

City or countryside?

Choose a location that’ll suit your lifestyle. If you’re a seaside person, the coast would be good for you, and likewise, if you like a quiet and more secluded place, the countryside may be for you. Consider everyone in your house's feelings, and needs and talk about all the pros and cons of the place you want to stay and make a decision from there. If you can live in the city, then do that too.

A busy city like New York can be overwhelming if you’ve never lived in the city before, but it does get better. The great thing about the city is that everything is usually conveniently close, especially work and transportation. All cities and countrysides have their ups and downs, so think about that before you move.


When looking for a home, one of e first things to consider about the location is the neighborhood. This is a very important factor, as a neighborhood can make or break how comfortable living there will be.

There are a few factors to look for when choosing a neighborhood:

How close it is to school - This also falls under convenience. The closer the school is to your house, the better for you and your children.

Find a home in a location everyone in the family will appreciate

Park or playground- having a play area or park in your neighborhood is a plus if you have young children. You’ll be able to go for walks, play in the park and let the little ones burn energy playing without traveling too far.

Safety- a safe neighborhood is a goal for most people. In this day and age, unfortunately, safety is a major concern, as unfortunately there are “bad apples” in this world. It is therefore important to find a safe location where you can walk. So you are comfortable in your home any time of day without feeling uneasy.

Most commonly, when looking for a home, most people tend to look for a location that will meet all of their needs. From work to school for the children, public transportation, and more. The convenience of a house and safety should be every person's priorityIt is also important to find a good location, so you can enjoy living in your home. Don't forget though, to find a reputable company when planning to make that move to your perfect location.

Pro tip: find a good reputable moving company that is familiar with the area you’re moving to. They will know the best times, routes, and more to make your move easy and less overwhelming.

Found your perfect location yet?

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