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September 30, 2022

Why hiring packers is a good idea

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 Let’s face it, moving can be immeasurable work and entails a lot of planning and preparation. This makes it a tiresome process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you don't have enough time to pack or the ability to do so, this is where packers come in to help. We will share why hiring packers is a good idea while moving.


Though there are numerous benefits to hiring packers, settling on any packers isn’t the way to go. You should research and see some pros and cons, so you make the best decision. The great thing about packers is; they know how to handle furniture and other items. So it’s not a bad idea to have them pack your home.


One of the first things you should do when moving is to make a plan. That includes a floor plan for packers to make things easy for them. A floor plan helps packers navigate the house and give them an idea of where to start packing.


Packers know how to properly wrap furniture



Benefits of hiring packers:


•  Lifting heavy items

•  More time for yourself

•  Well packed

•  Saves time

•  Well-labeled boxes

•  Proper handling of your items

•  Use of proper packing supplies






•  Can be expensive

•  No control of your items

•  Trusting packers


Lifting heavy items


As with most homes, you probably have heavy items you cannot carry without help. There are specific ways you should lift these items to prevent injury. This is where packers come in because of their experience and training.


Packers can move anything from couches, fridges, dishwashers, and more.


Pro Tip: If you have several heavy items in your home, packers can lift them safely and cautiously.


More time for yourself


Moving requires personal time and may interfere with work and your social life. It's also imperative to make time for yourself when you have a household to run and children to take care of. Don't forget to take care of yourself during the moving process, as it can be strenuous. Hiring packers to help handle that part of the moving process is, for that reason, a good idea.


Having packers do all that for you will create more time for you to spend with family and to focus on other things.


Well packed


If this isn’t your first time moving, you may remember that packing neatly and properly didn’t happen. Proper packing takes experience and time. Yes, it is possible to pack without experience, but the question would be, is it well packed?


By well packed we mean everything stacked, balanced, and labeled appropriately. The packers will do all this for you.


Because they are professional, experienced, and you will encounter an easy packing process that doesn’t require too much supervision.


Saves time


If you don't have enough time or if you’d rather use it to complete other tasks. The packers are a good idea.


Packers know how to work at a steady pace, and help improve things, thereby saving you time. Imagine all the time you’ll have. That's something to look forward to right?


Well labeled boxes


Labeling boxes is very important as it helps the movers know how to stack them properly in the moving truck. Also, labeled boxes make unpacking easy. Packers mark boxes clearly and ensure that everything is your standard.


Proper handling of your items


This is so important for your items and furniture, more fragile items. They will bring as much manpower as needed, and take extra care because if anything happens to your items, they’ll be liable.

Packers lifting heavy furniture



Use of proper packing supplies


Finding the right packing supplies can be daunting because if you aren’t an experienced mover, you may not know what and where to purchase supplies.


Packers bring the correct supplies for all your items and for all different furniture that requires it.


Disadvantages of hiring packers


Though there are great benefits to hiring packers, there are also some cons. It is crucial to look at both before you decide.


Can be expensive


If you need packing services, you’ll have to pay the price. Moving is not cheap so adding a packing service will cost more. Though the service is convenient and time-saving, you’ll have to put it in your budget plan. If you can afford it, that’s great. If not, you could always ask friends and family for help.


Pro Tip: If you have a limited budget, move certain items(like a piano) and not the whole house.

No control of your items


When you hire packers, you won’t be able to have complete control of your items. Though you should be present to supervise, it is out of your power to control what and how things should be packed. And that brings us to our next point.


Trusting packers


The moment you decide on hiring a moving company to handle any moving services you require, you'll have to put your trust in them. It can be hard to trust strangers with your belongings, but they will be in good hands.


Most moving companies have insurance for anything they handle in case something breaks or is damaged while packing. Make sure that you know what they can and can’t insure beforehand.




When moving and making plans, most people don't think about packing services, and it’s probably because most don't know about the service. Packing services are ideal if you don't have time, if you have kids or if you have to move at short notice.


The service is not free so you should budget for that. Remember to ask questions and make sure you know what the packers can and can’tpack.


Need packing services?


Capital City Movers will fulfill your packing needs promptly and smoothly. With our years of experience and exceptional packers, you will surely have peace of mind. Call us at (718) 619 4881 for a FREEQUOTE, and visit our website for more information on our moving services.  


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