Park in the middle of the city||January as the best time to start planning your NYC move|people passing by|boxes against the wall
Park in the middle of the city||January as the best time to start planning your NYC move|people passing by|boxes against the wall
Relocating to NYC
January 1, 1970

When is the best time to start planning your NYC move?

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Planning a move is never easy. You have a lot of things to take into consideration and you will need time to plan everything. For this reason, it's not easy to know when the best time to start planning your NYC move is. How much time you will need to prepare a move will depend on a couple of things and it's different for every individual. It's best to start preparing for your move at least a month or two before your desired moving date. This might sound like too much time at first, but you will soon see that it's not. You will need time to find and hire moving and storage NYC service, get packing supplies, prepare your belongings and documents. As you can see, there are a lot of things to do and you will need also a lot of time.

What is considered the best time to start planning your NYC move?

The best time for relocation to NYC would be the fall and winter months starting from November to April. If you want to save money during relocation, you should definitely avoid the summer months. It’s a little bit harder to prepare for a move to NYC in cold weather rather than in summer. However, you will have much more advantages of moving during winter than in summer. First, it's cheaper as moving services can be up to 30% higher in the summer. It is due to the higher demand for moving services during summer. People tend to utilize warmer weather, school break, and work holidays for relocation. For this reason, it's harder to find available and reliable moving companies and even harder to get desired moving date. If you didn’t schedule your moving date in advance, you will likely end up with free instead of the desired moving date.

January as the best time to start planning your NYC move

The winter months are the best for moving

The best time to start planning your NYC move is also the best time for searching for your NYC apartment

Finding a good apartment in NYC might be even harder than planning a move to NYC. The competition is high and prices are even higher. However, you might have an easier time finding a good NYC home during winter. The reasons are the same as for planning and finding cross country moving companies NYC during the winter months. Not many people find it appealing to run through the city during cold weather to find an available apartment. However, you can use this lack of demand and find a suitable apartment in a great location for a reasonable price. Additionally, many landlords offer a few extra benefits just to rent out an apartment. According to well-versed experts in finance, the best month for signing a lease would be February. The rents are lower in February and you also have room for a bargain.

The best time to start planning your NYC move might overlap with tourist season

New York City is very popular for tourists. Almost everyone wants to visit NYC once in their life. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that NYC is always brimming with tourists. While tourism can slow down a little bit during colder weather, NYC is a very popular destination for spending the Christmas holidays and celebrating New Year. For this reason, it might not be the best idea to schedule your long distance movers NYC during holidays. The traffic will be absolutely impossible and you don’t want your movers to get stuck in a traffic jam. Also, movers will have a harder time finding an available parking lot near your home. Therefore, you should plan your move sometime in November or February. It rarely snows during November and the weather is still pleasant.

people passing by

Moving during winter holidays might be challenging

How to prepare your belongings for the move?

Finding good movers for your relocation is not the end of your moving preparation. Every good moving preparation should start with an inventory. Rarely anyone knows how much and what exactly they have. For this reason, it’s a smart step to do an inventory of your belongings and decide what to keep and what to throw away. Additionally, decluttering is another essential step in moving preparation. Decluttering doesn’t have to be hard or boring. There are creative ways to declutter your home. You can also use these ways to declutter more often and keep your household free from useless items. Also, there are a couple of ways to dispose of your decluttered items. You can donate, which would be the best solution for items in good condition. You can sell some, give them to family or friends, and throw them away.

Where to find packing supplies?

Well, you can't prepare a move without packing supplies. Good packing supplies are easily found at moving companies. The only downside of these packing supplies is that they can be pricier than you expected. However, if you want quality packing supplies for your move then you can't expect them to be cheap. You can find cheap supplies online or at local stores. However, these supplies are usually already used and not in good shape. Your items can easily get damaged during the loading process or transportation. However, if you don’t have money to spend, you can reuse old packing supplies or borrow them from your family or friends. Packing is another essential step of every move. You can do it alone, but that will take a lot of time and will. The better option would be to let professional movers do the packing.

boxes against the wall

You should find quality packing supplies

Moving to NYC can be easy

Preparing for a move is not hard if you know what to do and have reliable movers with you. The best time to start planning your NYC move would be at least a month or two in advance. Additionally, the best time to move to NYC would be during fall or winter. Just remember that every move needs the following.

  • Professional movers
  • Quality packing supplies
  • Inventory of your belongings
  • Decluttering


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