|dogs - tasks movers should not do|a pistol
|dogs - tasks movers should not do|a pistol
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May 23, 2021

What tasks movers should not do?

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Having a moving company around is a great thing. They will help you and this will minimize the risk of something bad happening. But, things are not always as you picture them. Even though you may think that your movers will take care of absolutely everything, you are wrong. There are some tasks movers should not do and the important thing is that you remember them. No matter how good and respectable NYC moving company that you hired is, you should always do some things on your own. Find out what things you should not even bother asking your movers to handle!

What are the tasks movers should not do and will never do?

  • Handling pets
  • Handling firearms
  • Packing your personal items

Handling pets

Not all people own a dog but it is pretty important for you to handle this right. Your movers will not do anything about your pet because there is no point in doing so. They do not know your pet, his habits, or his needs. It is your job to take care of your pet and his needs. You are the one that is responsible for your pet, during the whole relocation process. You are the one that needs to buy pet carriers, go to the vet, prepare your pet for the relocation, place it in the car and relocate it. Never rely on this matter on your movers!

dogs - tasks movers should not do

Take care of your pets

Handling firearms

No mover will ever try to pack and move your firearms. You are the only person responsible for them! In order to avoid arguing with movers, you need to acknowledge this and let them take care of the things they can. Everything else is off-limits.

a gun

Be careful when moving firearms!

Packing your personal items

Your personal items are your responsibility. This is one of the jobs that moving companies will not handle. The reason is simple, these are the important items for you or even for the move itself. We could include here many personal documents like passports, IDs, insurance papers, medical documents, etc. No mover will want to do this because they do not want to have this kind of responsibility on their shoulders!

What can you expect from your movers?

Even though there are a lot of things your movers will not do, even regarding the move itself, there are many things they will handle outside of moving. For example, you can expect to rent long-term storage New York if you wish. Many people use it for additional space but you can even use it when moving.On the other hand, when we talk about moving services, there are some that you may think that your movers will not do. For example, unpacking services NYC have become a major go because they are pretty practical. You will be excused from boring tasks while the work will be done!


We could not place all the tasks movers should not do on one list. Even though there are not that many, some are not that important and we would not want to place them on the list. But, this article should not be the only thing you will rely on. You have to ask your movers about everything that you find important. If you are worried about whether they will move something of yours, just ask! It is that simple and you should not be afraid to do this!


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