a calculator - moving taxes are tax deductible|storage unit - moving taxes are tax deductible|a man driving a car
a calculator - moving taxes are tax deductible|storage unit - moving taxes are tax deductible|a man driving a car
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May 4, 2021

What moving taxes are deductible?

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There are a lot of moving taxes when it comes to moving. Of course, they are not too high, but that is not the point. It would be pretty great if you could deduct them and get some of the money back. But, in order to get them back, you would have to understand how the process works. Some moving taxes are deductible and you should learn how to pull this thing off. But, you should never plan your move according to this matter. You should do everything that you can to organize a successful move starting with getting a good and respectable NYC moving company to help you out. Tax deduction should not be your main concern! Learn how to handle tax deduction in the best way possible!

What is important to know about tax deduction?

Moving taxes were very deductible until 2017. Better said, it was much easier to do this during this time. After the law has changed, it is much harder to do this. Of course, the new regulations are not valid in some states. New York is one of those states and that is a good thing if you are moving here. On the other hand, the law does not apply to active-duty military members!

Find out what moving taxes are deductible

  • Moving services
  • Storage unit
  • Traveling to your destination

Moving services

A major part of every moving budget is the moving company's costs. They are in charge of your relocation and you will pay for their services accordingly. That is why tax deduction is the most important here. It does not matter how many moving services you are using. This applies to any moving fee that you are paying for during the relocation process.That includes moving boxes NYC, other packing materials, movers' time, etc. Of course, you will need to calculate it all in order to know the exact amount.

Storage unit

Most moving companies offer this service nowadays too. It is not the classic moving service because it is not a part of a regular moving package. The good thing is that you can get a tax deduction on Brooklyn storage of your choosing. It does not matter whether you are getting a regular unit or a temperature-controlled one, you are still eligible for deduction!

storage unit - moving taxes are tax deductible

Storage taxes are usually deductible

Traveling to your destination

The costs of your traveling are tax-deductible. It is the same whether you are moving by car, moving by plane or some other means of transportation. When it comes to moving with a car, you can calculate the exact costs of gas and oil or you can go with the 2020 mileage rate. It is 17 cents per mile so be sure to calculate properly!

a man driving a car

You can pick the way you want to move


As you can see, things are not the same as 4 years ago. Some things have changed and that is why you need to inform yourself properly before engaging in moving activities. Some moving taxes are deductible while others are not. Also, not everyone is eligible for tax deduction. Be sure to understand how the process works.


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