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June 13, 2022

What do when moving to a new city alone

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The anxiety of moving to a new city alone is somewhat frightening especially when moving alone, but it doesn’t have to be because you can make it fun! You will of course go through a lot of up and down emotions, which is why we would like to give you a few tips on what to do when moving to a new city alone.Before you move to a new city, make sure you don’t have unfinished business in your old city. You don’t want to start a new life while having a burden behind you. A clean start gives you a positive mindset so think of moving alone to a new city as a great thing.

Tired woman exhausted while moving into new home

Tired woman exhausted while moving into new home Get out and meet peopleGetting out and meeting people around your new city will be good for you. Not only mentally, but physically too. Go for a jog or a little brisk walk or walk your dog. We know that it can get scary approaching people at first and making friends. However, if you want to quickly settle and not feel like an outcast, you should get out of your comfort zone. You need to get out of the house. Join social groupsFind social groups in your new city. These groups can be a group of people you share common interests with or just a general social club that has meet-ups for new people in the city. This is a great way to meet your neighbours and get familiar with your area.Join social groups like book clubs, golf clubs, art, dance etc. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, start there! Attend social events, community meetings, sports events and more. You should find what works for you and make friends in your area.Join a gymWorking out releases “feel good hormones” and those are good for your mental and physical health. Also being at the gym is a great way to meet new people.Some gyms have monthly events for members. Ask about those events and attend. This is a great way to learn a thing or 2 about physical health while at the same time making friends.Walk around and familiarise yourself with the neighboursGet out of the house and walk around. Of course you need to be cautious about the time you walk. Find parks, restaurants, and more. Greet your neighbours and introduce yourself while walking.Go home furniture shoppingWhen you get to your new home go shopping for furniture. Setting up your home is always fun. Make it personable, put all details that represent your personality and have fun with it. Find local furniture stores and enjoy the shopping experience.Get rid of some stuff/ furniture you don’t need from your previous home and create a new home/atmosphere for you.Make friends at workGo out with your colleagues to work events or just for happy hour somewhere around the city. This will help you get familiar with the area/get to know your colleagues better. Go out and mingle and have some fun while creating a bond with them. Having someone who knows the city to show you around is always a good idea.Prepare a good meal for you and friendsLike we said before, settling in to a new city can be a bit lonely, this is why having friends over is recommended. Go to a local market and get some fresh ingredients and prepare your favourite dish for your friends/colleagues. This is a good way to welcome your new friends in to your life and to create memories with them. This is also good for your mental health.Celebrate your moveYou can celebrate your move by gifting yourself with something and it doesn’t have to be expensive since moving costs some. Buying yourself a gift also affirms your love for yourself and boosts your mood. Another thing you could do is dress up and take yourself out to a classy restaurant. Eat good food and enjoy some alone and time away from your home.Connect with old friends who may be in the same cityBefore you make the move, you should check if you maybe have old friends who live in the area you’re moving to and connect with them. This however, doesn’t mean you should forget about friends from your old city. Keep that friendship and occasionally visit each other.Thankfully these days there’s social media, so even if you’re unable to see each other often, you can always FaceTime or Skype. Just keep in touch on social media and frequent calls. Keep the friendship though it’ll be hard. Try to visit each other often.Follow local blogs/pagesKeep yourself up to date with the latest news and events in your area. This is a great to be aware of your surroundings and for you to attend community events and make friends.Local/ neighbourhood pages are also great for social gatherings and community meetings.Summary The best way for you to adapt easy and quickly to your new city alone is to go out, mingle, socialise and get involved. Find new hobbies and connect with colleagues. You will have days where you feel anxious and may feel left out especially if you’re around a group of people who have an already established friendship. Don’t let this deter you from getting out there and making friends.We all have to start somewhere and that means being patient and keeping friends from your old city close. If you ever fell also and need someone to talk to, your friends and family are always a phone call away so use that to your advantage. This is very important for your mental health.Capital City Movers is available for any questions you may have. We offer local and long distance moving. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE at (718) 619 4881 and visit our website for more information and moving tips.


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