USA map|Mardi gras|Monument in Oklahoma|Miss Boston
USA map|Mardi gras|Monument in Oklahoma|Miss Boston
Moving out of NYC
August 22, 2018

US cities worth exploring

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Living in a big city like NYC can leave a person a bit cynical. You start to think that everything worth experiencing is inside the city. There are multiple cultures, diverse people, and exotic cuisines right around the corner. What else is there? Well, the world actually. There is a reason why so many Millennials are leaving New York. However big your city is, it cannot possibly contain all the things that make our world so beautiful and diverse. And to experience them, you don't even have to go far. You don't even have to use your passport. The USA is big and beautiful enough that if you started exploring it now, your whole life wouldn't be enough to finish. But if you want to start, here are some of the US cities worth exploring.

Top US cities worth exploring

St. Petersburg, Florida

The first city on our list is the Sunshine City. And for a good reason. The weather, the culture, and the people make it that everyone is always sunny. The kind people of St. Petersburg enjoy 361 sunny days annually. And they enjoy them by having fun on the beach and exploring their seven arts districts. You should try Cuban food while you are here, as most of the population enjoys Cuban culture and cuisine. Combine all of that with Florida's no income tax, and you can clearly see why St. Petersburg is definitely one of the US cities worth exploring.

New Orleans, Louisiana

For an extrovert person, New Orleans will be a dream. Partying all night long is commonplace here, as there is no last call. There are many bars that are happy to serve you throughout the night. And if you want to look weird while doing so, great! Noone in New Orleans cares for what you are wearing. Do you want to drink dressed like a ninja turtle? Go for it! And if you want to enjoy different cuisines while dressed as a James Bond villain, well you've come to the right place. The food scene in New Orleans is constantly changing and you can, therefore, enjoy many new and exotic cuisines.

Mardi gras

Mardi gras alone makes New Orleans one of the US cities worth exploring

Salt Lake City, Utah

For a more comfortable experience, you should visit Salt Lake City. Affordable, compact, peaceful. Sometimes it is good to experience a city like that. There are no big traffic jams here. No summer that burns you or winter that leaves you freezing. Everything is mild and comfortable. If you get tired from NYC's hassle, you should move here to get a perspective of what life could look like. Just make sure to choose from reliable long distance moving companies NYC.

Nashville, Tennessee

As any music lover can tell you, Nashville is the place you go if you want to hear good music. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Schermerhorn Symphony Center are both situated in Nashville and should be definitely checked out. But don't worry. It is not only honky tonks and pickup trucks. Not everyone is a fan of country music either. The city has recently grown and improved the overall quality of life. Therefore, there is much more diversity to be experienced. But, in spite of its exponential growth, Nashville did not lose its southern charm.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The people of NYC, are... Well, they are selfish bastards. No two ways about it. If you have spent more than two days in NYC you've met someone who is native and experienced just how rude and impolite an NYC resident can be. Well, for a breath of fresh air you should go to Oklahoma City. The kindness and the welcoming spirit of the Oklahoma City residents will surely put a smile on your face. Everyone here sticks together and tries to help one another. And, if you are a sports fan, you will be right at home. It's the people that make Oklahoma City one of the US cities worth exploring.

Monument in Oklahoma

Oklahoma city has beautiful monuments you should definitely check out

Savannah, Georgia

Here is a city that was preserved. While a lot of cities were destroyed during the Civil War, Savannah was spared. Therefore, it has many more historical areas than any Southern City. The old houses preserve the spirit of history, making them one of the best tools to explore it. The people of Savannah are very aware of their history and will gladly share their knowledge with you. Buy, if you are moving from NYC, you should get interstate movers NYC. People of Savannah are better in history, but when it comes to moving, the people of NYC take the cake.

Boston, Massachusets

If you are a person of culture, you should definitely visit Boston. There are many things to enjoy. From the great music scene to exquisite restaurants. Whatever scene you want, you will be able to find it. Book readings, standups, movies, panels, everything is available to the cultural people of Boston. You just have to look around a bit. It is also packed with history and historical buildings like the old State House and Bunker Hill. Don't forget to spend at least one St. Patrick's day in Boston, as the dominant Irish Culture truly shows its colors.

Miss Boston

Boston has its own traditions for St. Patrick's day.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

There are people that are not huge fans of the summer fun. For them, Milwaukee is a dream come true. Although winters are sometimes long and cold, they are a joy to experience. And it's the people of Milwaukee that make it so. Most of the culture is rooted in the old German and Polish styles of life. Beers, sausages and warm clothing are abundant here. And we all know that those things are better enjoyed during the cold weather. But, the long winters have not made the people of Milwaukee cold. On the contrary. There is a feeling of closeness and brotherhood that is simply not present in warmer places. Here people like to stick together and enjoy small things life. Like a nice pint of beer. When it comes to US cities worth exploring, Milwaukee shouldn't be skipped.


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