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August 31, 2022

Unpacking tips and tricks

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So, you’ve finally moved into your new home and are excited about this new chapter in your life. Now, the most dreaded task lies ahead and that is…unpacking! Yes, unpacking can be tiring and may make you feel lazy and therefore, cause procrastination. This, of course entirely depends on your attitude towards the whole process.

You could always “flip the switch” and make it fun. So, we will share a few unpacking tips and tricks to make it fun and easy for you. If you are like most people and procrastinate with doing house tasks/chores, try these tricks as they’re guaranteed to work for you.

Get the whole family involved to speed up the process


Before you start unpacking, eat. Eating is important for energy and to keep your blood sugar levels stable so you have enough strength to start and finish unpacking. Working on an empty stomach may make you grumpy and can demotivate you as you’ll run out of energy quickly.

Have snacks handy while packing so you won’t have to get up often to grab something especially if you tend to get distracted easily.


Split your time during the day to include unpacking. If you work full time, take an hour or 2 to unpack after work when you get home. If that doesn’t work then schedule unpacking for the weekend. That way you’ll have more time and a whole day to finish.

This is also a great opportunity to invite some family and friends over to help if you can’t do it alone. Also, get your kids involved and give each person a task to complete and reward them once done.


Put on music you love, but don't play any music videos because that may distract you. Just listen to it, no watching. That'll help you work faster. Play your favorite songs to boost your energy and make unpacking fun.

Create a playlist on any of your loved music platforms/apps and put it on repeat, get something to drink, and some snacks, and enjoy.


If you don't have a lot of time to unpack and need help, reach out to your family and friends. We're sure they’ll be more than happy to help. Tell them the exact day and time you need their help so they can make time for you. Some friends/family may expect something in return for helping, so instead of trusting that they’ll help for free, talk about it when you initially ask them for help to avoid any conflicts later.

Having family and friends over can be fun and boost your energy because you’ll make memories while welcoming them and enjoying your new home together.


Start with the kitchen and baby room

If you have a baby in your home. It is important to start unpacking the baby's room first so that when the baby is tired, they can peacefully nap in their room and while they do, use that opportunity to unpack. Another thing to do is to have the baby’s diaper bag handy and all essentials that you may need for them so you don't scuffle through numerous boxes trying to find everything.

And then there's the kitchen. This is also one of the first rooms you should unpack. Start with the refrigerator, plates, and glasses, then follow with the rest of the kitchen. Stock up your refrigerator with food to avoid buying takeout and spending more money than you need to.


Have you ever felt rushed to unpack? I'm sure many of us have felt that way and well, that shouldn’t be the case. Unpacking should be done slowly. If you rush it, you’ll get “burnt out” quickly and end up not unpacking because you’re too tired.

The best thing to do for yourself is to take your time. Remember to unpack essentials first if you don't have enough time. Slowly ease into unpacking the rest of the items when ready.


Unpack one room at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. Place all marked boxes and furniture in their rightful rooms to make unpacking easier. This way will be less stressful if you’ve labeled everything appropriately.

Start with the rooms you use the most and go from there, and once again if you have a baby, start with that room first.


As with any type of task or job, you need a break. Whether it is a bathroom, smoke, or lunch break. Since packing requires a lot of energy, it is advisable to take a lunch break and eat. You’ll need the food to fuel your body so you're not hungry during the process.

A few suggestions of snack food you can eat are any of your favourite fruit, pretzel sticks, nuts, cookies, trail mix, etc. Lunches should be simple and not too heavy as that may make you too full and too tired to continue unpacking. Go for light lunches like salads or a sandwich.


Nothing about moving and settling in is ever easy especially mentally and physically, but that doesn’t mean it's not doable. You can always implement the steps mentioned above to make your unpacking experience fun and easy for you. Remember to take things slow and unpack at your own pace. Start with the most important room first and move gradually from there.

If you have family or friends willing to help, don't hesitate to ask. Feeling overwhelmed by the process and not having enough time can cause stress. Hire professional unpackers to do the job.


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