separation of winter clothes is importantpacking your winter clothes|boxes|clothes on hangars|
separation of winter clothes is importantpacking your winter clothes|boxes|clothes on hangars|
February 19, 2022

Packing your winter clothes to bring out the spring finery

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Winter is becoming weaker by the day. That means that we can already start making plans for the spring. But, one of the most boring tasks is actually packing your winter clothes. It is a process and you can invest a lot of time in this matter if you want to do a fine job. So, our goal is to give you some of the best tips that should help you with this matter. Naturally, you can do this by using NYC packing services. But, that is usually the case if you are relocating to another place. So, it is best for you to inform yourself and do the best job that you can!

Separation is the first thing that you want to do

Before you get to the hard part, you have to handle a couple of tasks beforehand. One of those tasks is separating the clothes. Even though it is winter, you do not have only winter clothes at your home, right? Well, if this is the case, you need to invest some time into separating clothes that you want to pack from clothes that you want to still keep in your closet.You will do this by removing all your clothes from your closet. You can place them all on your bed and have a nice look. The most problematic clothes are bulky things like sweaters or warm jackets. They also take the most of your closet space. By knowing this, you will know which items to place in your storage in Manhattan and keep it there until the next year. Also, you should think about whether you are going to use a particular item the next season. If not, there are some solutions that you should consider.

separation of winter clothes is importantpacking your winter clothes

Your winter clothes should be out of the closet

Consider donating some of your clothes

As we have mentioned, you do not have to pack all your winter clothes. Especially clothes that you do not want to use anymore. It would just take up your space, no matter where you store them. That is why you should be smart and not pack all your items for storing. The best course of action is to donate clothes that you do not want anymore. It is a much better solution than just throwing it away. It will be a good deed and you will save your space.

Get all the necessary supplies for packing

When packing your winter clothes, you want to have all the right supplies. If you do not, you may pack your clothes properly but they will not have the right protection, especially if you are considering renting a storage unit for this job. Here is a list of some supplies that you want to have:

  • cardboard boxes
  • plastic boxes
  • wardrobe boxes
  • compression bags
  • dumpster bags
  • plastic wrap
  • plastic paper etc

As you can see, it is not that much but what is the right solution? Anything that you choose from this list will do a fine job. Just make sure that your supplies are of proper quality. You can do this by finding good movers to help you out. It can be any kind of moving company, even office movers Manhattan. All of them have packing supplies in the best shape so you can go there to get them.


Cardboard boxes are most commonly used for packing

Before packing your winter clothes, wash them thoroughly

Packing will ensure that your clothes survive until you want to use them the next time. But, it is not the only thing that you have to do properly. You want to wash your clothes before you get to the packing part. If you try and store your clothes when they are dirty, you are going to risk a lot. You certainly do not your clothes to get ruined if you want to use them again. But, another thing to remember is that you have to dry your clothes before storing them. Why? Well, water is never a good thing to have in your storage unit. There are many climate-controlled storages but problems can happen even there. Trust us on this and make sure to dry your clothes before packing them and storing them.

Pack your winter clothes with these great tips

You can now start packing winter clothes for storing. If you use cardboard boxes, you want to add an insulation layer between the clothes and the box. This is all to prevent a disaster if something happens while storing, even if you get the best storage unit that you can from reliable companies, like Heart Moving New York City. You can use plastic wrap or paper and place it at the bottom of the box. After that, you can start folding the clothes. One of the most used and most common ways to do this is the flat fold technique. But, if you have bulky clothes like big jackets, it can be a problem to fold them. You will have to improvise and try to utilize as much space as you can.On the other hand, if you want to use garbage bags, things are much simpler. You just have to place everything in the bags and that is it. Naturally, you will want to place as much as you can. But, do not do that. If you place too much weight, it can crumble and the cracks can appear!

clothes on hangars

Packing winter clothes does not have to cause you stress

Are you planning an interstate move soon? Storing is even more important

Even though you are not moving soon, this is a great opportunity to make some order and declutter. It is also good because you do not have to use your interstate movers in NYC for packing purposes. The biggest and most difficult part of your move is winter clothes and you will already finish that. So, if this is the case, it is a good thing to prepare ahead of time than to pack once you have many other moving tasks to worry about.


Packing your winter clothes does not have to be a problem. Yes, winter clothes are bulky but that does not have to mean anything. You just need a couple of great tips and you should be okay. Well, now you have them. Use them well and you should be able to declutter and get rid of your winter clothes just fine.


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