Eco-friendly sign - Eco-friendly packaging ideas|Environment-friendly sign - Eco-friendly packaging ideas||Cardboard boxes
Eco-friendly sign - Eco-friendly packaging ideas|Environment-friendly sign - Eco-friendly packaging ideas||Cardboard boxes
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January 6, 2020

Top eco-friendly packaging ideas to save money

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Living eco-friendly gets more and more important every day. We are constantly told what to do to live more eco-friendly. Or what to do to help protect the environment. Everyone is trying their best and it has affected every aspect of our lives, even some industries. The moving industry leaves a big carbon footprint on our environment and many moving companies are trying to change that. Plus, there are a lot of customers that won’t hire a moving company unless it offers a green move. So it’s no wonder that you can hear eco-friendly moving tips, green move, environment-friendly more than ever in the moving industry. And it’s easy to get lost or confused when bombed with all that information and advice. Which is the reason why we’ve put top eco-friendly packaging ideas to save money and protect the environment in one place?

Environment-friendly sign - Eco-friendly packaging ideas

These eco-friendly packaging ideas will without doubt help you protect the environment.What makes these ideas the best ones is that they are effective, easy to do and they will certainly save you a lot of money. Now, the reason why we’re talking precisely about eco-friendly packaging ideas is that packing supplies that are traditionally used are very bad for the environment as they are mostly made out of plastic.And packing supplies are the aspect of the moving process that is probably the easiest to change. All you have to do is find alternative packing supplies.

Top eco-friendly packaging ideas – moving containers

What if I told you that maybe you don’t have to buy or rent any moving boxes altogether? Yes, that’s right! If you don’t have many belongings you can use some items you already have to carry them to your new home. So think about all the things you have that you can use to carry something, for example, you can use:

  • duffel bags
  • suitcases
  • gym bags
  • other bags
  • reusable grocery totes
  • hangers
  • drawers
  • boxes and so on.

These are all the things that you have to move anyways. Plus, you won’t be leaving literally any trash behind you for you will continue to use these alternative containers.

Suitcases - Eco-friendly packaging ideas

So why don’t you try to apply this eco-friendly packaging idea and put your suitcases, for example, to use and carry your other belongings in them?Now, there’s a catch about using your drawers as containers or for leaving your belongings in your closet. Park Slope movers advise you to talk to your movers before you do that. Because some movers won’t have a problem with that whereas some won’t move your closet if it’s still full with your clothes. So you’d have to pack your clothes on your moving day and by doing so delay it.

More options

If you can’t make our eco-friendly packaging ideas from above work out, don’t worry. Because we have more eco-friendly packaging ideas for you!The first thing you think about when you hear moving or packing supplies is probably some kind of moving boxes. And not just any boxes, but rather cardboard moving boxes. Now, the problem with these cardboard moving boxes is that they are not eco-friendly. You can’t recycle cardboard and that material is not good for the environment. And no matter how sturdy they are or even if they are brand new when you get them, you can use them just a few times if you’re lucky and that’s it for them. Furthermore, this is one of those eco-friendly packaging ideas that will surely save you money because it’s cheaper than renting or buying cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes quickly fall apart and you have to throw them away.You may wonder now what you are supposed to use then to carry your belongings. And the answer is, of course, plastic moving boxes! Just hear me out before you disagree with me and maybe even close this tab. Yes, plastic is bad for the environment. However, we’re not talking just about any plastic here. Because these plastic moving boxes are not just any plastic boxes - they are recyclable plastic moving boxes. This means that if you damage the box, they will just recycle it you can use it again. Or, in other words, you won’t be leaving any trash behind you during your relocation if you use plastic moving boxes. And another great thing about this eco-friendly packaging idea is that plastic moving boxes NYC are getting more and more popular and you can easily find them. Plus, plastic moving boxes are much safer for your belongings than cardboard boxes.

Top eco-friendly packaging ideas – moving supplies for wrapping

With that, we’ve covered top eco-friendly packaging ideas that you can use for containers. And it’s high time we talked about eco-friendly packaging ideas that have to do with other packing supplies. I’ve already mentioned that most of the packing supplies are made out of plastic and if you think about what we use to wrap our belongings you’d see that I’m right.There are many eco-friendly packaging ideas that you can use as an alternative to traditional ones to wrap your belongings. And the best thing is probably that you already have all of those things in your home. For example, did you know that newspapers are a great material for wrapping fragile items and therefore packing your china? Or you can use them instead of moving paper to protect the inside of the containers. Or, if you don't have old newspapers laying around somewhere in your house you, you can always use your clothes and sheets, blankets and linens. Just place a glass in one of your socks and it's easy as that. It's easy as that and it's a win-win situation because you've protected your fragile belongings and you have "packed" your clothes at the same time. And not to mention that you're protecting the environment and saving your money by not buying packing supplies.


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