Stacks of files. Here are tips for packing up paperwork before moving.|A stack of four file folders|Two red file folders|A stack of papers
Stacks of files. Here are tips for packing up paperwork before moving.|A stack of four file folders|Two red file folders|A stack of papers
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September 2, 2019

Tips for packing up paperwork before your move

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Moving house and packing go hand in hand and neither of the two processes is fun. Relocations are stressful, exhausting and overwhelming. However, if you take it step by step, ask for help and stick to your plan, it's a little more bearable. It is completely understandable if you are dreading the entire packing process and if you would do anything to skip it. Unfortunately, skipping all the packing isn't possible, but what is possible is getting some help. So, here are some tips for packing up paperwork that could help you start this process on a high note.

Downsize before packing up paperwork

Whatever you are packing, downsizing beforehand will save you. If you take the time to get rid of all the unneeded things, packing will take much less time and effort. So, before you start sorting all of the papers into appropriate boxes, get rid of all the unnecessary papers.We all tend to let lots of different papers pile up over the years. As time passes, we forget about their existence. Well, moving is the perfect opportunity to go through all the paperwork in your home and throw out the papers that are just taking up space. Not only do you need less time for packing when you have less stuff, but you also need less storage space. That means that you won't need to get Brooklyn storage, you can keep everything in your apartment. Decluttering is the perfect first step when packing paperwork.You can shred papers that you'll never need again. When it comes to papers you want to keep, you can scan them. You don't have to own a physical copy of every paper. Sometimes a scanned version is just as good and it doesn't take up any space. Organize all the papers you decide to keep into categories.

Save personal records when packing up paperwork

Some papers and documents are more important than others. These papers should have a special place and be separated from less meaningful ones. When you're packing up papers, you should pack the most important things first and get that out of the way. Paperwork that you should keep your eye on is:

  • Medical records: Health is the most important thing so make sure you have your medical records in place.
  • School records: If you're moving with kids, you don't want to cause them any problems in their new school. When packing up paperwork, make sure your kids' school files are neatly packed.
  • Financial records: A smart thing to do is save paper copies of your financial records. Your bank statements account information and investment standings aren't things you want to leave behind.
  • Receipts and bill statements: In case you want to close an account before the move, you should keep a record of your payments and demand a final statement.
Two red file folders

Pay extra attention to important files when you're packing documents.

How to pack up paperwork

Now that you have organized and prepared your paperwork for packing, it's time to get some supplies. The best thing to do when packing your documents is to get file folders and boxes. You should sort all of the papers into appropriate folders and label them accordingly. When all of the papers are categorized, you can start putting them into boxes. Also, don't forget to take all the papers out of filing cabinets. Cabinets are heavy and bulky as it is, so before moving them, you should remove the drawers.

A stack of four file folders

Categorize your files into folders before packing them in boxes. This will be helpful when you need them in the future.When it comes to boxes, you can use cardboard ones or plastic bins. Plastic bins might be a better option as they are sturdier. Choose boxes that are sturdy and safe to avoid your papers getting ruined. You can even find boxes that are specially designed for storing documents. That means that they are made to keep your files safe and protect them from damage. Remember to label the boxes clearly to make unpacking easier for yourself.

How to store documents

If your new home doesn't have enough space for all of your documents, that's fine. You can always find NYC storage where you can leave your belongings. However, because papers are pretty fragile, you need to think about where you are storing them. You want to make sure that the place where you're storing your documents has the right conditions.

  • Avoid keeping your paperwork in a humid room.
  • Do your best to protect your files from extreme temperatures and mold.
  • If you're getting a storage unit, make sure that it's climate-controlled.
  • It's also a good idea to protect your papers with plastic.

Think about ways of storing your files when packing up documents.

Make copies of your files

When you're moving house, the last thing you need is losing something of importance. Documents can often be very important and sometimes irreplaceable. Luckily for you, technology is very advanced and you can use it to your advantage. It's 2019, everything is online. You can scan your documents and have back-ups on your computers. However, you can also make physical copies of your files, just to be extra sure. So, before you pack up your files and move to NYC, try to make sure you have copies and back-ups of them. If you can prevent any future inconvenience, why not do it?

A stack of papers

Every household has a lot of papers. Make copies of those most important ones to ensure that you don't lose anything crucial.In conclusion, packing up paperwork isn't all that difficult. You simply need to have a good system - declutter, organize, pack. There are no rules for packing, but following these tips will be very helpful. Not only will these things help you pack successfully, but they will also come in handy when you're unpacking.


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