snow street - moving to NYC during holidays|a clock - moving to NYC during holidays|dollars|moving boxes
snow street - moving to NYC during holidays|a clock - moving to NYC during holidays|dollars|moving boxes
Relocating to NYC
December 24, 2019

Tips for moving to NYC during the holidays

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New York City is one of the top destinations in the US. Its population is growing year after year. But in order to get to enjoy everything that this city has to offer, you have to relocate properly. Sounds easy but imagine that you are moving to NYC during the holidays. Everything becomes a lot harder so it is best to be equipped with some tips that will make your relocation easier. Find out what are things that will help you do this.


It is very important that you have enough time for everything to finish. There are a lot of things you have to do before you even get the chance to move to NYC during the holidays. Moving during holidays is a lot harder since people celebrate it and some of the states offer free days for working people. One of the most important things that you have to be sure of is that the moving company you are interested in actually works on the holiday. Some people are very casual about it and make a mistake. By the time you understand that you actually do not have Midtown movers for the job, you can do little about it.

a clock - moving to NYC during the holidays

Time is money. Start the planning of your relocation on time!


One more thing that you need to understand when relocating to NYC during holidays that the fees that you will have to pay will be higher. Holidays are important days when you get to relax but if you have to work, you will be properly compensated. The same goes for moving business.That is why you have to make a proper budget before the move. You have to include everything that you will have to pay so that you do not spend more money than you have planned. One of the worst things you can do is spend more than you have. In this situation, you will have to compensate and pay less for something where you should pay more.


Make a budget before you start arranging

How to pay less?

As much as some movers may make you pay more, there are some solutions. This is where the importance of planning on time comes first. If you make early reservations, you will probably have the chance to ask your movers to lower down the price of your move. The money you will save this way you can use for something else, like storage units NYC. If you are in need of a universal space where you will put all of your things then this is the perfect solution for your problems.

Packing for the move

Moving to NYC during holidays is hard. It is better to do everything that you can in order to make the move a little easier. One of the best ways to do this is to start packing on time. You are probably on a close schedule so any delays can make you lose a lot. In order to stay on track, start packing a week before the move. No, you do not have to pack everything for the move a week prior to it. But it is always better to start slowly so that you can maintain your peace of mind. You will have more time to think about possible mistakes and correct them if you have to.

What do you need for packing?

Everything depends on the size and kind of things that you own. No matter what type the move is, if you want to relocate to NYC during holidays successfully, then you will have to use proper packing materials. There are two ways of getting them. You can either get them by yourself or you can rent packing supplies from your moving company. Our advice is to always go with the company because you will not pay that much but you will get the new and fresh packing materials for your move.

  • moving boxes
  • packing tapes
  • packing wraps
  • plastic papers
  • markers etc.
moving boxes

Moving boxes are the most important for the move

Do not forget about tipping when moving to NYC during the holidays

This is not a necessary thing you have to do for moving to NYC during the holidays. On the other hand, it can make your relocation quite easier. We can all agree that workers work better if they are properly motivated. What better way to motivate than to tip them? Of course, this is all your good spirit. We understand that you have to separate some money in order to tip but on the other hand, that is actually the point of holidays. We should all be grateful for the things that we have.

Should you leave everything to a professional?

There is a big dilemma whether it is better to hire professionals for everything when moving to NYC during the holidays. Many think that you can save a lot of money if you organize everything by yourself and use the moving company just for transportation. On the other hand, you can also lose a lot of money because you can make some crucial mistakes during packing. If you make them, there is a chance that they will be damaged during the transport and it would not be a movers' fault.A most important benefit of hiring a professional when moving to NYC is security. There is nothing like peace of mind and the knowledge that there are people that know more than you in their area of work. You can be completely sure that nothing will happen to your stuff and that you will get to your new home in no time!


Many think that moving to NYC during holidays is hard. Yes, it can be but it does not have to. Everything depends on the responsibility and decisions that you make. Since this is a very delicate part of the year, you will have to be even smarter. On the other hand, you do not have to think about anything. Just hire a moving company that will bring you to NYC without any problems. No matter what method you choose, be sure that you bring a good spirit to the Big Apple!


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