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September 30, 2022

Tips for moving abroad temporarily

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Moving overseas takes tremendous courage, whether you're moving temporarily or permanently. You'll have to be prepared to have a stress-filled relocation. We’ll share tips for moving abroad temporarily that’ll help prepare you before you get on that plane.


Whatever the reason for moving abroad is, it's crucial to find out as much information about the destination country as possible before you leave. One thing to remember is that moving won’t be easy, and will take planning and help from your loved ones.




Be prepared for a great adventure and some challenges ahead.


Use all resources available to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead and not get overwhelmed. Below are the tips that will help prepare you for the move.


Get organized


First things first…get organized! Moving away from home requires planning. That should be for the whole time you’re abroad. You have to sort out your bank account, mailing address, a place to stay, etc. You must be well prepared and informed about the move.


You may have to leave some valuables with trusted family or friends while you’re away for safekeeping. Also, remember to change your mailing address if you are moving out of your current home or have family collect your mail.


If you are not planning on renting your home, find someone to trust to be a housekeeper, as they’ll be maintaining your home. This is very important!


Research about location


Find out where the location of your new home will be and research surrounding areas. You need to find a location suitable for your lifestyle to help you keep doing the things you love and enjoy while there.


Some examples are:

-    A Park - parks are great if you love nature, have little ones, and love the outdoors. Find a place close so you can go often. This is especially important for your mental health. Going outside once in a while in a new environment is needed so, you don't get depressed or homesick at all times.


-    Mall/shopping center - having a mall close to your home is perfect. You can go there to do a bit of shopping and for entertainment. The mall is good for meeting new people as there are restaurants where you may see them. (Be vigilant about this). Remember to put safety first.


-    Public transportation - you may need to use public transport for the first few weeks while settling into the new country or may need to use it your whole stay. Some countries require a local driver's license, and others require an international driver's license. Find out which is required, and have that ready before moving, if you’d rather have private transport instead of public.



Put money aside for necessities when moving abroad. Find out the currency, cost of living, etc. Budget enough and have emergency money.


Health insurance is also imperative because you never know when you may need it. If you are moving for work, ask your employer if the company will provide you with medical insurance.


Exchange money to the currency of your destination before leaving or when you get there. The best would be to exchange money before you board your flight to have cash when you get there. Also, this is just in case you can’t find an exchange office on arrival.


If moving due to employment, they may help set up your bank account. However, if you're moving independently, you'll have to open a security account or inform your bank about your move and see if you can use your card while abroad and how much the fee for International transactions will be.


Visa and passport


Get your passport and visa ready at least two weeks before you move. Find out the different types of visas for the destination country. There are long-stay visas and permits for temporary stays. If you’re moving for work, they’ll help you with that. If not, you'll have to apply for the correct visa and research the visa conditions so you don't overstay.


If you don't possess a passport, apply for it as soon as you’ve decided on the move. A passport can take a long time before you receive it, so keep that in mind to allow enough time. If you already have a passport, it should have at least six months of validity before it expires after your visa lapses.


Flight details


Have your flight details ready and printed. Customs and border patrol may ask for your return flight details at your destination coun, so be sure to have this ready. Another crucial thing to have handy for customers is an employment letter and employer details if they need to verify your “claim”


Rent apartment


Put your apartment up for rent to make money while away. If you don't own it, inform the leasing agent of your move ahead of time.


It's always good to have the apartment/house while away temporarily to have a place to get back to.


Find an apartment to rent in your destination country. This should be done at least one month before you move. Ensure that you ask questions and for a lease to allow yourself to read through it before you board the flight. Having a copy of your lease ahead of time is recommended because you'll have time to go through it. If you’re going to a non-English speaking country, have it translated so you don't end up signing blindly.




If you’re moving out of your home and have no place to put your furniture and other items, renting a storage unit is a good idea. Budget howBudgethow much it’ll cost to rent storage for the whole time you’re away, so it doesn’t get auctioned off.


Have a family member or friend check up on your items while you’re away to ensure there are no damages like mold.


Medical clearance


Some visas require a medical clearance certificate. Also, some countries may require specific vaccines before landing. Research this before you go. The best way to do it is by visiting the embassy website or the destination country's tourism website for information.


If you have any medical conditions, ensure to inform your doctor about your move and have the necessary medication supply that’ll last at least three months. Having enough medication will give you leeway to find another health care provider while you settle.


Inform the embassy of your presence in the destination country's government


Once you’ve done all the above and have arrived at your destination, inform the government of your presence or the embassy. This is very important. Some countries need confirmation of your presence within 24 hours of arrival, so check ahead of time.


Also, let your country's embassy know you’re there.




If you are planning to move abroad temporarily, remember to be prepared. Plan everything properly and ahead of time, ask questions, and don't rush yourself. Have family and friends help with some tasks if you feel overwhelmed. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the journey.


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