Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro|A moving truck|A good fired will help you with loading a moving truck|Box with light items
Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro|A moving truck|A good fired will help you with loading a moving truck|Box with light items
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February 2, 2019

Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

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So, the moving day has come. You've had your items packed and you are ready to load them into a moving truck. But, suddenly you get a strange feeling. You realize that you do not know how to load a moving truck. Sure, you can simply pile your items in there as if nothing mattered. But, as you have probably realized, when it comes to moving there is always the right way and the wrong way. And loading a moving truck is no exception. Therefore, you better sit down and read up a couple of tips on how to load a moving truck like a pro.

A moving truck

You need to know what goes into loading a moving truck before you relocate.


Let's start off with some preparations. You need to have a clear idea on what you need to load and how you are going to load those items before you start loading a moving truck. As you might have guessed, you shouldn't simply go willy nilly, and chuck your items in. You need to do this methodically and carefully so that your items are safe and so that you do not damage the truck.

Figure out your boxes

This is best done while you are packing your items. But, if you haven't done it, worry not. It's not the end of the world. Although, you will need to spend some extra time labeling your boxes. Start off by figuring out what is inside your boxes. Open them if necessary. After that, you need to label if the content of the box is fragile and how heavy it is. A good idea is to mark heavy, medium and light as descriptions of the weight of the box. This will not only help you with loading the moving truck but will help anyone who is handling your boxes afterward.

Get supplies

Maybe you only have light boxes and items that do not require any loading supplies, but that is rarely the case. More often than not you are going to need to load some really heavy items into the moving truck. And once you have to do that you better have some loading equipment handy. First off you are going to need to get some work gloves and work boots. Do not risk moving something heavy like a piano or furniture without them. A simple slip up can cost you a lot of money. Or, which is worse, you can end up really hurting yourself. Next, you will need some belts and harnesses. These will further help you carry the heavy, cumbersome items.

Call for help

While loading a moving truck is possible for one person, we strongly argue against it. It will take you much longer then it would if you had friends helping you. Furthermore, there are bound to be some items which are impossible to load by one man. So, don't make loading a moving truck needlessly hard. Call and ask a friend to help you out. Just remember to be picky when doing so. What you need are capable, reliable people who are willing to help. What you don't need are unwilling participants that are there to slack off and have fun. Loading a moving truck is physically intense and you need someone who can carry their weight to helping you.

A good friend will help you with loading a moving truck

Carefully choose who will help you with loading your truck.

How to approach loading a moving truck

Now that you have prepared yourself, its time to talk about how to actually load a moving truck. What you need to keep in mind are weight and wiggle room. These are the key factors that will make the difference between your items arriving intact and them getting ruined during transport. It is true that packing and the skill of your driver will play a major role. But, do not underestimate the importance of properly loading a moving truck. If you are not sure how to do it after reading this article, talk with one of the residential moving companies NYC. Do it right.

Weight distribution

The first thing you need to think about when loading a moving truck is the weight distribution. The total weight of your possessions needs to be evenly distributed throughout the truck. That means that no side of the truck should be considerably heavier then it's opposite. Of course, you cannot perfectly distribute the weight. But, the more you try the easier it will be driving the truck and the safer your items will be. If the weight is evenly distributed all four of the trucks shock absorbers will work evenly which will make the truck much more stable.

From heavy to light

Weigh is one of the reasons why you need to start loading a moving truck with heavy items. This not only gives you the opportunity to control the distribution of the weight but it makes it safer for the items as well. As a general rule, heavy items tend to be sturdier. Therefore by putting lighter items on top, you are reducing the potential of items damaging each other during transport. If some item is both heavy and fragile, you need to be extra careful. You can use plastic bins to ensure that they will stay safe. Also, try to place it so that no item can damage it or that it cannot damage any other item.

From big to small

Another "rule" you should try to follow is to put the big items first. This will make the arrangement of the truck much easier as you can more easily fit smaller items in different ways. Furthermore, bigger items tend to be heavier, so you'll be following the previous tip as well.

Box with light items

Boxes with light items should go last as there is little chance of them damaging anything by falling.

No wiggle room

The final tip that you need to keep in mind is that there should be no wiggle room. There more room there is between boxes the bigger the risk of something bad happening. Try to load your boxes as densely as possible and place padding between them if there is any room. Any bump or vibration can cause your boxes to fly around the truck if they aren't keeping each other in place.


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