mold|The best protection is prevention|Be thorough when doing this|Bleach is the most used for handling mold in your home
mold|The best protection is prevention|Be thorough when doing this|Bleach is the most used for handling mold in your home
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June 19, 2019

Tips for handling mold in your home

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All of us usually have problems in our homes. There are many of them but no one actually thinks of mold as a problem. We are not usually aware of its presence but we should be because it can cause a lot of health issues. That is not that small of a deal as you would first think. So, we would like to present to you some tips for handling mold in your home.

Educate yourself

This is not a practical thing. Think of it more like prevention or protection against mold. It is very important to know about health and things that can cause a lot of damage to us and our loved ones. Mold represents the silent health problem in peoples homes because it will not give you any symptoms until it is already bad. Yes, mold is not that kind big of a deal but why not prevent it since you can?When buying, you have to pay attention to all the details. Many problems with the house or an apartment you are interested in are not mentioned to you at all. You have to understand that many people will not be completely honest because that kind of information would decrease the price of the estate. So, if you are moving, especially when moving with a baby NYC be careful and always ask about the isolation of the estate.

The best protection is prevention

Educate yourself about mold

Look for the problem

The first thing you have to do so you can start handling mold in your home is scanning for the problem. Mold is usually located on the moisture sides of your home so you should start there. You have to know that it may not be that viewable or noticing. It can be so small that you can easily overlook. If you detect that kind of problem, you should not wait at all. Waiting will just make it progress more until you get more mold. That will cost a lot because you will have to get rid of it. So, as soon as you detect moisture at your home, do not hesitate and call professionals to take care of it.

Where to find mold?

You can detect mold in various places at your home:

  • Shower- Shower represents the most common place where the mold is located. It is natural to find it there since the shower is the wettest part of the home. You should definitely always check for signs of mold there.
  • Walls- Walls are also one of the most common places where you will find mold. It is usually due to the water pipes that go through the walls. These pipes are usually old and corrosive so that means that some amount of water will go out of it.
  • Boxes- A bit confusing but all cardboard boxes are a nice place for mold to come up. It can go from there to other parts of the room. Boxes are the most common packing material that is used. The best way to move your stuff is plastic moving boxes NYC because they will not be such a good place for mold to come up so you can relax.
  • Decks
  • Wooden surfaces

Start handling mold in your home as soon as you detect it

There is a difference when we talk about the size of it. If the area is not that big, you can try handling mold in your home by yourself. We recommend using baking soda. It is not that used for cleaning mold but it is extremely effective. The good thing about it is that it has the perfect Ph for mold not to survive.If the size of the mold is bigger and it occupies a larger portion of your home, you should not try to remove it by your self. We say this because mold usually disperses spores into the air which can get to your body and make you sick. Also, removing and touching it also disperses spores so you should definitely avoid it. When it comes to this, you should call a professional company that will send their workers to your home and do the job for you.

Remove moldy carpets

Carpets are also a good place for mold to grow without you noticing until the smell kicks in. That is why it is very important to clean the carpet properly and thoroughly. The bigger problem is usually with bigger and fluffier carpets since there is a much bigger area where you can't reach when cleaning. When it comes to this, you should definitely throw that carpet away so you could avoid health problems.

Be thorough when doing this

Clean your carpet to avoid mold

Scrub mold surfaces

If you detect some mold on the walls, on wooden areas like tables, desks, etc, you should definitely use bleach. Bleach is very grateful because it does not cost much but gives excellent results. There is one bad side though. As good as bleach is for handling mold in your home, it does not take out mold that is located deeper into the surface you are trying to finish. That means that there is a high chance that the mold bellow will eventually grow and take the surface again.

Bleach is the most used for handling mold in your home

Scrub areas that have mold

Use protection!

We already said that mold releases spores into the air. The problem is that you can easily inhale it during breathing and that can cause major problems to your health. The best way to protect yourself when cleaning your home from mold is to use a mask. It is not an ordinary mask. The key is that this mask has some kind of cleaning place for air before your mouth so it does not allow any spores to penetrate. Also, you should use protection clothes. It is important to do if you have any wounds around your body.


Handling mold in your home is not an easy thing to do. It requires more knowledge about it so could know how to definitely get rid of the mold in your home. No matter how much you try, there is a chance that it will always come back. So, it is even more important to know how to keep it clean so you can efficiently prevent mold at your home. Clean your house on a regular basis and always investigate your place for the sign of mold!


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