Rainstorm|A man slipping while moving during a rainstorm||A bucket of water and a wiper
Rainstorm|A man slipping while moving during a rainstorm||A bucket of water and a wiper
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October 30, 2019

Tips and tricks for moving during a rainstorm

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The moving day has finally come. You’re packing up the last boxes. And you’re going outside to welcome your movers. Only to find out that it raining! If you’re starting to panic. If you’re seeing all of the bad things that could happen while moving during a rainstorm, well don’t. Because rain on your moving day doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.With these tips and tricks for moving during a rainstorm, everything will go smoothly.

Stay safe when moving during a rainstorm

The important thing when moving during a rainstorm is to keep your belongings dry. But your priority should be preventing injuries. When some surfaces get wet they can become slippery. This means that you or one of the Park Slope movers can slip, fall and get injured while carrying something.

A man slipping while moving during a rainstorm

The last thing you want on your moving day is an injury.So in order to prevent injuries that moving in a rainstorm can cause you can do a few things. You can put cardboard, old sheets, rugs or carpets inside your home and along the way from your home to the moving truck. This hack will help prevent injuries but you still have to be careful.

Stay healthy when moving during a rainstorm

Staying healthy is just as important as staying safe. Of course, you want to avoid injuries when moving across states. But you don’t want to get sick either and have to live surrounded by a pile of boxes because you’re not feeling well enough to unpack. So just as you have to keep your belongings dry, you have to keep yourself dry. The easiest way to do this is if you wear appropriate clothing. That being said, a raincoat and waterproof shoes are a must when moving during a rainstorm.

Time to prioritize

You can’t stop the rain or thunder. But you can take some precautions. Moving metal, appliances and electronic equipment can wait. Because moving those types of things is very dangerous during a thunderstorm. So you can start by moving plastic boxes and items that won’t be damaged so much if they do get wet. When you’ve moved all that you can start carrying all of the furniture and large items. And by the time you get to the metal and electronic items, the rainstorm may even be finished.

Lightning when moving during a rainstorm

Most often, thunder and lightning disappear in an hour or so.

Use unconventional moving supplies

Moving during a rainstorm is not so different than moving while the sun is shining. You still have to do the same things. You can change only details to have a successful move. And one of those details is a choice of moving supplies.

Cardboard boxes vs. plastic boxes

Normally, you would use cardboard boxes to carry your belongings. But considering that cardboard is a material that is not suited for water, or in this case rain, you can’t use boxes made out of cardboard. Because when these boxes get wet, they'll start falling apart with your things inside of them. This means that your belongings will get damaged and you’ll have to pack everything again.Now, what you can use instead of the cardboard boxes are boxes made out of another material. Namely, you can use plastic boxes. They come with lids so moving during a rainfall won’t be a problem. Because there’s no way that the rain could get inside of plastic boxes. And another great thing about them is that if you rent them from a company for plastic moving boxes they will deliver these boxes to you. And they will, of course, pick them up when you don't need them anymore.

Moving blankets vs. plastic covers

The same goes for moving blankets. They are not waterproof so you need to find a replacement.A good replacement for moving blankets can be some sort of plastic cover. There are numerous choices, but maybe the easiest one to find is shrink wrap. So use plastic covers to protect your furniture made out of:

  • wood from deforming or distorting
  • leather from getting ruined
  • metal from rusting
  • upholstery from getting stained or deformed

Using garbage bags when moving during a rainstorm

Carrying your clothes just on hangers instead of packing it in boxes is a great hack. But when moving during a rainstorm it’s not that easy to do so. Because you don’t want your clothes to get wet. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to move your clothes like that. You can just use garbage bags. They are made out of plastic so your clothes will stay dry. Just put a garbage bag over a hanger and poke a hole on top of it for the hook.

Get help from fine arts movers

When relocating during a rainstorm you’ll have to pay more attention to some things. The reason why I’m saying this is because some things need to be carefully moved. And with a rainstorm in the picture, you have to be extremely careful if you want to keep them dry. Those things are, for example, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. Putting this kind of items in a plastic bag is not a solution. You should consider hiring fine arts movers to do the job. Because they have experience and will know exactly what to do to move your belongings safely.

Keep your home clean when relocating during a rainstorm

Your belongings are not the only thing you want to keep dry. You have to think about your home too. Your movers will have to go in and out of your house. And when moving during a rainstorm that means that they’ll get your floors all wet and dirty. But don’t worry. You can prevent that. You can just simply put garbage bags or the shrink-wrap on the floors and remove them once all of the boxes have been brought out.

A bucket of water and a wiper

The floors will stay clean and you won’t have to spend time cleaning everything before you go.When moving during a rainstorm you can also consider making two moving teams. One moving team can stand inside of the house and bring your belongings to the entry of the house. And the other team can carry them further to the moving truck. By doing so your home will surely stay clean and it’ll maybe even speed up the moving process. Furthermore, you can use the same trick when you are moving into your new home.


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