With our office moving checklist you'll move without effort.|An office ready to be inventoried.|Office moving checklist: Packing supplies.|a person planning their office move.
With our office moving checklist you'll move without effort.|An office ready to be inventoried.|Office moving checklist: Packing supplies.|a person planning their office move.
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July 30, 2018

The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

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The time has come to move your home or business! It isn't an easy task, but the time has come. So, in order to relocate as painlessly as possible, you'll need some help. Take a look at this ultimate moving checklist to make sure you don't forget anything when you're relocating your office! With it and a good moving company, you'll have your business moved without effort and stress-free.

Plan and prepare

A minute of preparation can save you ten minutes on a moving day. Thus, in order to have a successful office or home relocation, you'll need to make a plan. Try to think of all the things you'll need to do and put them on paper. Sort them by priority and your ability to handle them. Take care of the most important and the easy ones first and leave the rest for later. However, you'll need to finish all of them before you start looking for moving companies. If you're having troubles making a plan, take a look at this article that tells you how to form a plan. Once you've mastered planning, you'll cross the other things from your moving checklist easily enough.

a person planning their office move.

The first thing on the office moving checklist is planning.

Make an inventory

After the planning phase, comes the preparation for the relocation. While moving an office is different from moving a home, they still have some similarities. The most important one being that you'll need to know what you're moving. This is even more important for moving an office than for relocating a home. If you misplace your favorite shirt it's not as bad as if you lose your vendor contracts of tax reports. So, start making an inventory of the things that you're moving. This will not only help you bring everything to your new home or office, but it will make packing a lot easier. Make sure you do it before you hire Manhattan moving and storage services.

An office ready to be inventoried.

Make an inventory of everything you have in the office.

Get good movers

The most important item on our list is getting good movers. Make sure you research a lot of potential companies, so you have a good pool to choose from. The search for a reliable moving company in NYC is not an easy one. However, if you keep focused and organized it'll be easy. This is the most important thing you'll need to do. So, even if you forget some of the items on the list, be sure not to miss this one. Once you've narrowed your choice of relocation companies you can take it to the next level! Ask your movers about:

  • the estimate - make sure you ask your movers for an estimate. Getting a couple of estimates will help you decide which movers to hire. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best one. Thus, try to keep
  • the moving date - scheduling the moving date as soon as possible is at the top of our office moving checklist as well. Only if you schedule your moving day early will you have enough time to prepare and plan for the relocation.
  • other services - you should ask your movers about what other things they can do for you. Maybe you'll decide to request packing or shipping of your office supplies. It's good to know what options you have available before the moving day.

The important part of moving checklist: Insurance

You'll want to get insurance for any relocation, but especially for a commercial one. Since your business is the source of your income, you'll want to keep it protected. Ask your movers about what type of insurance they offer. Sometimes, this will be enough to put your mind at ease. However, even if your movers offer insurance, you might still want to want to get one from an independent source. It's not good to put all your eggs in one basket even with the most reliable office movers NYC. Accidents can happen and even the best movers cannot predict the future. In order to be sure, get some extra insurance.

Packing your place

If you haven't hired packing services, you'll probably be packing your own place (home or office). When it comes time to pack your office, don't be afraid to use your employees. Find two or three of the workers you trust and have them help you pack. Make sure you compensate your employees! This work will likely be done after working hours, so make it worth their while.Once the packing starts, use the inventory you made to help you pack faster. It's crucial to disassemble any equipment that might be damaged during the move. Also, secure the moving parts of all your printers and scanners to avoid damaging them. Apart from this, you'll need to protect your office equipment. Don't save on wraps and protection since this may mean the difference between ruined and quality equipment. Paying a little extra for good wrapping material might save you having to order a bunch of new computers. If you don't have enough material, you can buy more packaging supplies in New York. Just ensure the safety of your items.

Office moving checklist: Packing supplies.

Make sure you have enough packing supplies.

Update your info

Finally, you'll need to change the information about your business or home address. Make sure you inform all the necessary authorities about the new location. Even though this is the last item on our moving checklist, it is not the least important one. How fast you change your info will determine how soon you can settle down after relocation. Do not postpone this, because your address is tied to more aspects of your business or home needs. Your checks or utility costs might bounce because of an incorrect address. When it comes to changing the address of your business, if you're not sure how to change the business address for an LLC you can look it up online. Apart from this, you should make an announcement on your website and change your phone number as well.


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