What are the rules of moving last-minute? Hire a professionals, gather packing materials and ask friends for help!|box|toothbrush
What are the rules of moving last-minute? Hire a professionals, gather packing materials and ask friends for help!|box|toothbrush
Moving out of NYC
January 8, 2020

The five principle rules of moving last-minute

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The relocation process takes time and requires serious preparations. However, sometimes, we don't have enough time and we are forced to prepare for a last-minute move as soon as possible. Reliable cross country moving companies NYC can definitely assist with our upcoming relocation but there are also some rules of moving last-minute that everyone should know about.

5 rules of moving last-minute

In order to execute your last-minute move, you should:

  • Gather Moving Boxes And Packing Supplies
  • Declutter!
  • Rules Of Moving Last-Minute - Essentials Box
  • Ask Your Friends For Help
  • Hire A Professional Mover

Gather moving boxes and packing supplies as soon as you can.

Gather moving boxes and packing supplies

The best you can do is head to the supply store and buy cardboard boxes and packing supplies. However, you can also get packing supplies from your moving and storage Brooklyn professionals. But, there is another option! You can get free cardboard boxes and packing supplies in the stores and offices around you. Every store recycles boxes at least once a week. So, head to the store, maybe they have some boxes for you!


Every moving company charges by weight and size. You won't have time to declutter properly but you can throw away unnecessary items while you are packing! If you see something that you are not using at all and you are about to toss it in the moving box, don't! Put it on the "throwaway" pile on the side and get rid of it when you are done with packing!

Rules of moving last-minute - Essentials box

Don't forget to assemble one essential box for you and each family member. Essentials box should contain all those necessary items that you and your family are using on a daily basis. Things you should put in the essentials box are toothpaste, toothbrush, eye lenses, reading glasses, medications, one or two pairs of clean clothes, pajama, etc. Pack one essentials box with sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow casings for the whole family!


Each essentials box should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lenses, medications, etc.

Ask your friends for help

Since you have no time to think and plan in advance, asking your friends for help is a good idea. Try to inform them as soon as you find out about the move so they can organize their time and reschedule things they had in plan. It would also be nice to tell them about the move in person and not over the phone. Make sure to get enough beverages and snacks and your moving day will be super fun!

Hire a professional mover

Every moving company has a local move in its portfolio as a regular service. However, if a moving company offers a long-distance relocation, full-packing services, storage services, moving insurance and other useful services, we know that they are a serious, trustworthy and professional. Capital City movers are one of those professional and reliable moving companies. So, if you are still wondering what are the rules of the last-minute relocation, contact Capital City Movers and they will answer all your questions about the last-minute relocation and much more.


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