New York's skyline|A file with documents|Piggy bank full with coins|
New York's skyline|A file with documents|Piggy bank full with coins|
Moving out of NYC
October 18, 2019

Step-by-step pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC

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Do you feel like there are a million things you must do when moving? As soon as you finish something, something else comes up? So it’s no wonder that it can get quite overwhelming at times. But if you want to have a stress-free move the important thing is to be well organized. And the hardest part of the moving process is before the moving day. That’s the time when you’ll have to do most of the tasks. So the best way to stay organized is to have a step-by-step pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC.

Pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC – Step 1

When you’re moving you’re moving out of NYC you’re bound to collect much information about the move. Information like moving quotes, receipts, legal and financial documents, information about moving companies like Park Slope moving, helpful information and so on. You’ll also have to write details when you’re negotiating with various moving companies. For you can’t possibly remember all that information. So make a file where you’ll be keeping all the documents, information and things related to the move.

A file with documents

If you keep all of the documents related in one place it's harder to mix it with other documents or lose themDepending on what you prefer you have two options for making that file. You can print documents from your computer and write down what you can. That is if you prefer to have it handwritten and physical. Or you can store it on your Google Drive. Cons of storing it on Google Drive is that you can access it no matter where you find yourself. It’s only a click away and you won’t have to worry about forgetting it or losing it.

Step 2

The most important thing you’ll find on your pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC is hiring a moving company. But you can’t just hire any moving company. First, you have to find a reliable moving company if you want to enjoy all of the benefits of hiring professional movers. This is important because the moving company that you hire will be handling your belongings during the move. So you have to find someone you can trust. Someone who has plenty of experience and won’t damage your belongings. And someone who can get the job done quickly. So take enough time to find such moving companies before you check it off of your pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC.

Step 3

Having a well-planned budget for moving out of NYC can make the whole process easier. But knowing exactly how much money you’re going to need is a tricky thing. Because there are always hidden or unexpected costs. However, what you can do is research. Find out about moving costs NYC as much as you can. And you can try to come up with a few unexpected costs and add that to your moving budget just in case.

Piggy bank full with coins

It’s always good to have some money set aside for emergencies.

Step 4

Now that you’ve set your moving budget you can choose the perfect moving company for you. Ask your top 3 moving companies for an on-site estimate. And then decide on one moving company. Negotiate with them what services you’ll need. And have them send you a moving contract. But before you sign anything, read that moving contract thoroughly!

Man signing a contract - pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC

Sign a moving contract only when you’re pleased with everything.

Step 5

I hope you’re a fan of paperwork because this is the step on your pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC that’ll have plenty of it. Paperwork is something that needs to be done a few weeks before moving. Because there are a lot of services and activities in our lives that are connected to our address. For example, you can end up paying for utilities for two addresses if you don’t transfer utilities when moving across states on time. Here’s a little list of some of the places that you need to inform about your new address:

  • utilities
  • school
  • medical documents
  • voter registration
  • gym
  • library
  • bank
  • taxes
  • home insurance and car insurance
  • newspaper subscriptions

Step 6

Before starting to pack for the moving date there is something that you should do. And that’s decluttering! Some people like to do it while packing, but it may be easier to do it before. Because by doing so you’ll decrease the number of things you need to pack. Plus, it’ll leave you enough time to organize a garage sale.A garage sale is a great way to get rid of the things you don’t want anymore or you don’t have enough space to keep in your new home. Furthermore, you can earn some extra money which is always welcome. And if you don’t sell something you can always give it to charity.

Step 7

Packing supplies are also something you’ll have to deal with before the moving date. It doesn’t matter if you are buying them or getting them for free. You need to plan this carefully if you don’t want to end up without enough packing supplies during packing.If you’re buying packing supplies then make sure that the company knows your moving date so that they can deliver them on time. Whereas, if you decide on the other option you’ll need even more time to collect all. Because, you’re probably not the only one who is trying to save money on packing supplies and has asked pharmacies, supermarkets, stores to save cardboard boxes for you. And even if you were, the boxes won’t necessarily be in a good shape. So make sure you have enough time to find suitable moving supplies.

Pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC – Step 8

Last but not least, you should have preparations for the moving day written on your pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC. This includes two things. One is that you should have your vehicle serviced before the moving day. And the second one is that you should book a hotel or hotels if you have a time gap between your moving out and moving in date. And with this, your step-by-step pre-move checklist for moving out of NYC is complete!


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